How a Well-Designed Brochure Can Increase Your Sales


We might live in a digital world, but a physical brochure can impress anyone and lead to sales and more interaction with customers. There are many different types of brochure designs that you can consider to impress people and persuade them to buy what you are selling. Here is our post detailing a case study of how we created such a brochure for Kaigal.

1. Understood the team’s needs

Our first step was to sit down with the Kaigal team and understand the purpose of the brochure and its target audience. The brochure was to go to employers and business owners looking to employ and staff blue-collar workers. Accordingly, the design had to support the content and be very simple, with cleanly laid out information in minimal text and visuals.

2. Chose strong colours, gradients and designs for layout

The brand’s colours were blue, green, and grey, and we had to use those to make the brochure stand out. Our idea was that the brochure would include red highlights to contrast with the cool palette, and a gradient to set it off. The layout was planned to be four pages and A4 in size to fit the information alongside the design.

3. Spaced out content   

The content for the brochure had to be convincing but also kept to a small size to allow for easy readability. We utilized presentation elements such as tables and bullet points to showcase our strengths and space out the content.

For example, we created a table listing various jobs available in Kaigal for the employers to immediately see it.

4. Showcase brand through visuals

A brochure is only as strong as the visuals used to support the content, because pictures register with the person first. For the Kaigal brochure, we used strong imagery to establish the brand as focused on human development.

Getting the look right

A well-designed brochure impresses with a combination of design elements, layout and more. The Bumblebee Branding Company in Chennai, India, can create well-designed brochures for you with brochure design services.

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