Enhance your Image with the “Resize Image” tool of Adobe Express

With businesses constantly competing for the top spot, every aspect of marketing must be scrutinized. Pictures tell different stories to different people. A picture can enhance or decrease your brand identity.

Using an image with great quality is important for a brand’s image. Think of this. You come across a brand that piques your curiosity. You want to know more and visit their social media profile or their website and see a blurry image. Bad image quality suggests the brand’s lack of competence. However, a picture with amazing quality will convey professionalism and builds trust.

One of the pillars of image quality is the right size to ensure that the image is not distorted or pixelated. Here is where you can use Adobe’s free resize tool to fit your brand and your requirements.

Properly resizing your image has numerous technical benefits. It will ensure quality and consistency across your brand’s communication, especially your website. Apart from it having an impact on the visitors, it affects website performance.

When images are too large, it can frequently lead to unresponsiveness in websites. This can also cause disruptions in the appearance and functionality of your website themes, especially those featuring sliders on the homepage.

And no business wants that.

Resizing the image will decrease the file size, thus increasing the load speed of the website. It was noted that a website that takes a second to load has conversion rates that are three times more than the conversion rate of websites that load in five seconds. Properly sized images can help with that.

Here is a step-by-step guide to use the free Adobe Express’ Resize tool to help you with your marketing.

Resize an Image using Adobe Express

Whether you want to have your image appear vertical or horizontal, or increase or reduce the size of your image – Adobe Express allows you to have a seamless experience when using their tool. Their easy-to-use features enable you to get your picture ready in a jiffy for any platform of your choice – be it web, social, printing, media, etc. The tool comes with a set of predefined sizes and a customised section if you do not see your desired sizes in the preset section.

What’s more? You can resize your image for free!

Now, let’s give you the steps to follow for creating an image that will fit your desired platform without compromising on quality.

Step 1: Quick Actions Menu > Resize image

On the Adobe Express homepage, you will see a “plus”icon. Click on it and a “Quick Actions” menu will appear. Choose “Resize Image”. 

Step 2: Upload, Resize, or Adjust using the scale

  • Upload– A small box will appear. Here you have the option of either dragging and dropping your image or browsing your device for an image. Upload the image you wish to resize in the square box.
  • Resize or Adjust using scale – Once your image is uploaded, a box will appear. Here, you will see a Resize for dropdown box. This box gives you the option of either choosing custom or selecting one of their preset templates each of which has different dimensions. If you choose custom, you can insert your dimensions in the width and height sections given below the Resize for dropdown box.

You will come across “Image scale” in this box. This is used when you need to adjust the scale of the image if you are not happy using the custom or predefined template sizes. To get your desired size, just drag the slider from left to right until you are satisfied with the image size. 

Step 3: Download

Once done with resizing your image to your requirements, click on “Download” to save and download your resized image to your device. This image can then be uploaded on any digital platform of your choice. 

Now that you know how to resize an image to fit your requirements without losing out on quality, go ahead and try it. Resize and increase your website load speed or delight your customers and visitors with a great image. 

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