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Skill vs. will

At the Hive, we believe that when people have a skill problem, they can always be taught or helped. However, when they have a will problem, it becomes more difficult for us to work together. We look at people who want to spend at least 24 months with us and commit strongly to our organization and beliefs.
The Anchor

The Anchor

In a very famous movie that we quote all the time, we noticed a very big ship held together with a small anchor. Similarly, at the Hive, we all come from humble and varying backgrounds, but together, we anchor one of the world’s strongest, toughest, and most successful teams in our space through our values, beliefs, and bonds.
One Big Family

One Big Family

At the Hive, we hesitate to use the word “employees”, because our team is a big family. We don’t impose rules or take pressure out on each other at all, and keep a culture of open, healthy, transparent communication. Just like a family, we stay together during the challenging times, and we sure do know how to celebrate the good times! From monthly lunches to quarterly outings to milestone treats, the Hive forms a lifetime bond.
Instilling Responsibility

Instilling Responsibility

At Bumblebee, we ensure our employees grow more confident, sure of their place in the world, and realize that they have to give back to society. After spending time in Bumblebee, they’ve almost always become more responsible for themselves, people around them and society at large.

Average of five people

They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. We believe strongly in that concept, and thus, we keep the average high at Bumblebee for our team, whether it comes to talents, skills, or the kind of people they are. No matter what background our team members come from, if they’ve been part of the team, when they leave, they’ve always left with an increased average than when they started.

our Bumblebees:

Personal mentoring


Quarterly team outings

team outings

Re-skilling development


Health insurance

Health insurance

Paid time off

Paid time off

Profit-sharing and performance bonus

Profit-sharing and performance bonus

Team lunch

Monthly team lunch

Training and development

Training and development

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Annual company leave - 10 days from December 25th to January 3rd.

Yearly bonus

Yearly bonus in the month of work anniversary (for tenured employees who complete two years)

We are looking out for a Bumblebee who is self-inspired, positively charged, limits-agnostic, raring to go the extra mile, relevantly skilled and culture-ready. We are excited to work with Bumblebees who have a vision for the company and for themselves, and work with us to make that vision a reality!

Bumblebee is a closely knit team. We don’t generally accept new bees into our Hive, but when we do, they become part of us. This bond remains for a lifetime!

It’s only after a thorough assessment, mapping of core beliefs and understanding the true potential of a new bumblebee, that we open our doors into our Hive.

We never say no to anyone who wants to be a part of the Hive! We either place them in a job opening, create a role for them (even if it didn’t exist previously). If nothing works out, we at least give them an internship opportunity.
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Ongoing assessment

Every month, we assess your skills in your domain and we try to understand from you about your learning. While we take a lot of effort to assess you based on what you delivered and how you handled a project, we encourage you to do a self-assessment on yourself, only you can be the best judge of your skills and your true potential.

Learning new skills

Learning is a lifelong commitment at Bumblebee Branding. We truly believe that there is always something to learn from someone. We are fixated on the quote “Success can never be bought, its only rented and the rent is due every day”. When either the company or you feel that you could have done better in your assessments, we will help you map your skill sets and set some targets for your learning. Polishing your existing skills, learning new ones, updating yourself with the new and current in the domain/market is vital. We encourage all our bees to sign up for Certification courses, attend Talks and Seminars in your domain, participate in events that can inspire you and your fellow bees. In short, we make sure there is some learning all the time. We encourage you to look at this as a blessing in disguise and grab the opportunity as it unfolds in front of you.
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Survival skills

It’s a Bee-eat-Bee world out there and survival is becoming very tough day by day. We recognize that Bees even being bumblebee, find it tough. As a bee we train you to fly, of course but we want to also guide you to pick up extra skills. At the Hive, we are eager to let you explore and strive to present you with opportunities beyond the technical world. There will be a focus for you to pick up communication skills, leadership Skills, time management, presenting yourself effectively, planning for your future, building a better society, contributing to humanity and most importantly discovering a better BEE in yourself. Every month, we will present you with opportunities to expose yourself and from time to time, we will push you to take up challenges that we hope will elevate your skills and make you better.

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