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Build a brand see saw

Create a visually stunning, strategically strong, long-lasting and impactful brand! Convince your customers to pledge loyalty and become your brand ambassadors.

How much time it'll take

2-5 months

What you'll invest

What you'll invest: 3-5 lakhs INR

You’re free to choose to pay in one go or convert it to a 12-month recurring engagement service

What we need from you

Who is this for

brands that newly launch
Newly launching brands eager to create an impactful digital presence
brands long term

Brands who prioritize long-term  success over short-term gains

People who want visual building
People who want to build a visually, strategically, and content-wise consistent brand

What we will do for you

How we build your dream brand

Building any brand is like building a house. Before we construct your roof and floors, we need to build your foundation.
With our premium Build A Brand service, we will build the brand of your dreams on a rock-solid foundation of research, ideation, and strategy. We then add the layers to your brand with customer touchpoints (or mediums where your customers interact with your brand) such as logos, websites, brochures, and more!
Finally, just as your touchpoints and foundation are ready, we can now show your brand to the public in a grand way and get potential customers to interact with you!

Steps to bulid your dream brand

Step 1

Gather raw data

Step 2

Review information

Step 3

Analyze your brand's goals

Step 4

Brand research

Step 5

Brand discovery

Step 6

Create brand story & concept

Step 7

Develop brand identity and master designs

Step 8

Design all collaterals and adaptations

Building Brand Steps
Gathering raw data

Gathering Raw Data

Information review

Information Review

analyzing goals

Analyze your Brand Goals

brand research

Brand Research

brand discovery

Brand Discovery

brand strategy

Brand Strategy

Create Concept

Create Concepts

Develope Content

Develop Creatives & Content

Develop Websites

Develop Website

design collaterals

Design all Collaterals & Adaptations

Building Brand Steps

Delivering quality education at everyone's doorstep


Bumblebee helped Finspire Academy, a start-up created by the former CEO of a 2 Billion USD company Sumitomo - to position itself in the crowded landscape of online and finance education. Our digital brand building focused on making FINSPIRE stand out in the market visually (by choosing the colour purple in a sea of reds, blues, and browns) and content-wise. We emphasized FINSPIRE's unique selling points (a pass guarantee and a scientific learning methodology) in all messaging.

As a result, FINSPIRE Academy launched with 26 students in the first batches for both the CMA and CPA exams, meeting all its student targets.

Results: 20 strong leads



Creatives with targeted messaging to the six target audiences


Branded videos and e-lessons to help the brand stand out amongst it competitors


Website content and look and feel emphasizing brand’s USP


Unique logo, mood board and colour palette


Custom content designed to make the reader feel like we are speaking to them


Merchandise to brand the course

Other build a brand projects

creative web design company

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targettings sales efforts

Identify your core target audience and target all sales efforts in their direction

effortless pitching

Pitch your brand effortlessly

understanding customers

Understand and perfect what your customers are experiencing

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