thebumblebee branding company

The Bumblebee Branding company began to satisfy the growing digital marketing demands of the Chennai-based Sarash Group. The Group worked with several sizeable digital marketing companies. Still, we realized that we had enough talent in-house to create an integral team that could create beautiful video, content, brands – and market them for success.

For the past three years, we’ve been branding and marketing worldwide for various fields such as beauty, incident management, technology, and human resources, providing services such as design, development, content, marketing, advertising, management, strategy, and consulting. We diagnose problems and offer the perfect solution. Our projects include Thalapakatti, the Hindu, Audi, Flipkart, and Naturals. Although we’ve worked with huge brands across India, we love working with small businesses as well because we’ve never forgotten our roots. We want to help you succeed, regardless of your business size.

3 years + Experience
Retail & Ecommerce
100+ Clients
B2B/ Corporate

In 2020, when the pandemic hit us and the marketing industry hard, we refused to give up and decided to create beautiful remote experiences for the world. To do this, we partnered with a small team of professionals from the cinema industry. The result was our sister company Gumchak, where quality experience is an affordable luxury. We professionalize, adapt, and curate your ideas and content for various requirements – such as education, entertainment, and corporate messaging.

30 member expert media crew
20 years of media experience
Industry best in production
Tips and tricks for recording

We built our studio in the heart of Chennai, where we shoot, edit, and add sparkle to any content. Our studio includes a green matte screen and film-grade equipment. We ideate, we script, we shoot, we edit, we work on animation and VFX. Clients can create in the studio or through an online collaborative process.

Together, BBC and Gumchak are your one-stop digital and video partners.


Story boarding
Video Shooting
Post Production