Email Marketing: Why It’s Still a Powerful Tool for Your Business

Email Marketing why it's still a powerful tool for your business

Emails can outperform every single marketing channel when used correctly. One of the most important tips to build an email list from day one. Through email marketing, you can communicate with communities, inform readers of any updates or new services in your business. Most importantly, you can generate leads by addressing their pain points and creating customized offerings for them.

Let us explore four reasons why emails are the ultimate marketing tools for a business.  

1. Provide your audience offers in real-time

According to Litmus, 54% of all emails are opened on a mobile device. You can craft mobile offerings for your customers in real-time by gathering audience data and information over email exchanges. Eventually, by the fifth email or so, you can speak directly to them about offerings in their language with the help of email marketing services. Audiences often find email offerings very convincing.

2. Take advantage of targeted messaging

Emails are an important tool for lead nurturing. Your potential customers might be at different stages of the buying cycle. Some may be considering a product, and some may be ready to purchase. You can create buyer personas and write individual emails for each target group which will make them feel like it is just for them. For example, if someone has been putting your products in the cart but not buying them, you can craft an email with an offering to convince them.

3. You can increase brand awareness during lead generation

Social media isn’t the only platform that helps with brand awareness. If you are able to get a customer’s email id, it means that they’re interested in your business. Email marketing increases your brand awareness in the local community and helps them remember you when it comes to fulfilling their needs.

4. It’s timely and can be measured for success

Emails can be used to sell your products using customer data and information. You can send them holiday greetings, and also create a sense of urgency through limited-time offers. Emails work within a small time period, and you can measure them for success through email analytics software with the help of a social media marketing company.  You can analyze factors such as:

  • Click-through rate – Who’s clicking the link in your email
  • Conversion rate – How many people are buying
  • Subscription rate – How many people are subscribing
  • Bounce rate – If the emails are being opened

Emails – a great tool to make customer connections

Reach customers easier than ever through email, and connect with your target audiences in a personalized way. The Bumblebee Branding company provides email marketing services in Chennai, India, for you to get started on the road to success.

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