Four Signature Presentation Templates


Well-designed PowerPoint templates for your brand can help you save several hours when it comes to impressing your clients and prospects. Having them ready for your presentations allows you to focus on your content and performance instead of the design. Brand yourself through these templates and get known for your signature style. This post explores four templates that can help you stand out when presenting information:

1. Animated template

An animated template can use both 2D and 3D animation to make an impact. This type of template works best in scenarios where you want to deliver a lot of text, some of which you can turn into unique graphics. You can also use this template for educational purposes or when you are presenting to a unique audience.

2.  Timeline template  

Timeline presentation templates are versatile and used in all types of presentations. If you are presenting the journey of your company or a project, a timeline template will show the client where you were at each point of the journey in an effective way. You can try out both horizontal and vertical timelines to see which one works best for you.

3. Infographic template  

You can use an information or infographic template when you have a lot of information to display, and a lot of it is numerical. You can divide the presentation into visual sections, with each containing a chunk of information. For example, if you are presenting a summary of the quarterly results, you can have a slide called “Milestones”, and one called “Goals,”, and you can state visual statistics in a third slide.

4. Process-oriented template  
You can use the process-oriented template when you want to explain processes to the audience, especially if they have multiple stages. You can use diagrams such as a funnel, arrows, or a circular Venn diagram to explain what you are covering.

The process template works well for education, business presentations, or client or new employee onboarding wherein you have to explain multiple processes and steps in one go.


There are a few types of PowerPoint templates you can play around with to brand yourself as different from the rest and be memorable to clients and team members alike. Read our guide on some of these templates. The Bumblebee Branding Company can create any of these templates for you with our design services in Chennai, India, as per your needs and approach towards clients.

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