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It’s a fact – today’s consumers don’t want to give you their details without something in return. Giving your prospects and potential leads a freebie when they first interact with you is likely to get your cold leads to warm up, and then turn those warm leads to convinced customers. Here’s our guide to hooking customers with well-crafted lead magnets.

  1. Offer the lead magnet for free.

A lead magnet is an irresistible bribe or offering to someone to get them to give you their contact details, therefore allowing you to follow up with them to talk business. It’s also something that gently guides the prospect to explore your work, enticed by this free solution. Some popular lead magnets include reports, blogs, predictions, tutorials, and educational videos.
The best lead magnets aren’t just offered alone – you can slowly guide audiences by offering them two or three lead magnets in a row. Each one can solve a different problem for the business (for example, a tutorial to increase sales, or a winning video strategy).

2. Know your audience

They say this all the time, but it’s true – you have to get into the minds of your audience when you offer them lead magnets. Dive into forums where they’ve posted their concerns, and create an offering which people would be willing to pay for because it gives them a solution – but it’s for free.

  • Start by looking at solutions people are already paying for
  • Ask audiences which methods they might prefer

3. Make them obvious.

Now that you’ve made your lead magnet, you need to make sure that you place it where it gets noticed.

  • An easy choice is at the top of the page, before the first scroll.
  • The next best option would be to place it on the side of the page, where the site-viewer can’t miss it.
  • Send it to their inbox right after they approach your website with a catchy headline, such as “FREE X ITEM” so they open it immediately and it doesn’t go to their spam folder.
  • Make sure it pops up regularly as they peruse the website.


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