YouTube for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know

youtube beginner needs to know

While your social media team might be regularly discussing campaigns and posts with you, they might have overlooked a very important channel for building your online fanbase – YouTube! YouTube has countless marketing opportunities, especially if your audiences are on the platform and your competitors haven’t got there yet. How do you stand out among 500 hours of video uploaded on YouTube universally? Here is our guide to get you started with YouTube marketing.

  1. Build your brand’s YouTube channel

The first step in learning YouTube marketing is of course to create the YouTube channel. While it might be tempting to open the channel under your personal account, we advise you opening a Brand Account on Google (which allows you to manage your YouTube channel exclusively) that can be accessed by multiple authorized users.

Then learn about audience demographics:

  • Defin
  • Your audience’s age group and gender
  • Where your users live
  • What kind of other videos they watch

2. Post videos consistently

It does not matter whether your videos have uniformly high views, what will help you in the long run are consistent posts.

Decide a posting rate (daily, bi-daily, weekly) and post a video without missing. Analyse which times your audience is the most engaged (post a video and get that from the analytics) Once you’ve pinpointed the time that the audience is responding the best, make sure to post at that time consistently.

3. Leverage all YouTube tools and features

  • Complete your YouTube profile and add a channel icon
  • Add social media links to your banner so that your audience can follow you on multiple channels once they like your content
  • Create a channel trailer for audiences to preview your channel and place one of your high-performing pieces of content there
  • Organize your videos into playlists for the audience to see auto-played videos after the end of the video they originally wanted to watch

4. Place compelling thumbnails and descriptions

Even before your video title, people notice your thumbnail. 90% of the best performing videos on YouTube have one thing in common when it comes to thumbnails: they are unique.

Create your thumbnail according to the type of video you are uploading. Sync the thumbnail along with the video title (if your video is a how-to, show the before or after photos on the thumbnail).

Write a description that summarizes the video as memorably as possible, and pack it with keywords. YouTube shows 300 characters above the see more ticker – make use of all of them to hook the audience to read further.

Marketing teams can train people on the following:

  • Understanding their audiences through buyer personas
  • Focusing on the actions of the email receivers
  • Sending follow-up emails

Build a base on YouTube

If used well, YouTube can build you a loyal fanbase that looks out for your internet presence.  The Bumblebee Branding Company is an advertising agency in Chennai, India, that can manage your YouTube channel and optimize it for audiences.

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