Why Wireframing is Essential For Your Business


User experience is where your website starts. It is the process of a casual viewer visiting your site to browse your products and services. If you are successful in walking them through your website in an effortless way, then they become your customers. However, several obstacles may prevent your website from converting users into paying customers. The most common ones are poor visual design, difficult navigation, complex checkout processes, and poor page speed.

Is there a way you can avoid these issues in the planning stage itself? Wireframing is the process that will help. In this post, we will explore how wireframing can make a difference.

  1. What is wireframing?

A good wireframe is not simply a drawing of what your website will look like. It is a strategically-designed and implemented piece of art. It is a walkthrough that explains itself and gives readers an overview of how the website or app will work. A wireframe includes all the sections of your website, as well as details of what goes in each one (through boxes and placeholders).

2. Why is it important for your business?

Professional designers focus on wireframing in the first stage itself, because the wireframe gives you the ability to walk through the website before it is even made. It allows you to take a critical review of how a user will walk through the site. Wireframing will save you the time and trouble of actually developing a website that has errors, and allows you to predict the issues with user experience right from the start.

3. How it can be done

Wireframing can be done using various methods:

The metrics for customer retention include:

  • On paper using a stencil kit or a pencil to create the wireframe template. Paper wireframes improve your design ability and focus
  • Software such as UXApp, where you can design your website precisely for desktops and mobiles and arrange it according to both formats
  • Advanced software such as UXPin and Mockflow, where you can create detailed templates, add placeholders even for obscure elements (such as a Google Play Store box) and colours for more realism

4. How it brings customer retention

Customers want to stay on your website only if they understand it and can follow its navigation from the beginning. A website wireframe allows you to plan this in the design stage itself, and develop the website accordingly. Wireframing techniques ensure a great user experience through testing and improve customer engagement through realism.

Frame it to win it

Wireframing is a strategy that takes time and effort, and you might have to work with website design agencies to get it right. The Bumblebee Branding Company in Chennai, India, performs this service for various companies around the world.

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