Which of the 12 Brand Archetypes are you?

Brand Archetypes

Think of your favourite brands and stories. Do their characters fall into broad categories? These are archetypes. A brand archetype is a way of presenting a brand – its symbology, values, behaviours and messages – as a persona, thus making it recognizable to modern audiences. Read this blog to understand which of the 12 common brand archetypes you are! 

Introduction to Brand Archetypes.

An archetype categorizes your brand as a fully-fledged personality, with its own drives and fears, voice, message, strategy, and slogan. An archetype is a roadmap to how your that shows brand communicates with the public, so that customers develop a relationship with it and care about it.

The Innocent

The innocent brand archetype favours simplicity, bordering on naivete. Brands who are Innocent see the world with the innocence of a child, where wonder, fun, and happiness exist at every turn. They want to pass on this good feeling through their work.

Innocent brands do not innovate much, and instead rely on the simplicity and feeling of their product.

Innocent Brands: Coca-Cola, Johnson’s

The Jester

The Jester is the class clown who we all remember, who always wants to have fun and lighten the mood in their way. Jesters tend to think outside the box, and are usually great innovators.

It might look like jesters only live for the moment, but the truth is that they have a deep understanding of life, and understand that it needs laughter whenever possible.

Jester Brands: Cadbury’s, Chings, Budweiser

The Hero

Just like the protagonist of a superhero movie, the Hero archetype always rises to the challenge. They protect, inspire, and sell the power of self-belief and transformation.

The Hero brand is a story of triumph over adversity and they take great pride in the positive effect they feel they have on the world.

Hero Brands: Nike, Red Cross

The Magician

Magicians make dreams come true, and problems disappear. They do a combination of big and small things that amaze others.

They are creative, intelligent, and knowledgeable. Customers often get the feeling that Magician brands have access to a wealth of secret information that adds value to their lives.

Magician Brands: Disney, Dyson

The Outlaw

Unlike the Explorer brand archetype, Outlaws actively seek to rip up the rulebook. They want to dismantle existing paradigms and structures to create a newer, better world. They see themselves as free-thinking outlaws.

Rebel brands often sell by undermining the existing status-quo so that people question it and search for better alternatives. They inspire strong brand loyalty and often fanaticism in their followers.

Outlaw Brands: Harley Davidson, Greenpeace

The Explorer

Explorers are independent thinkers who forge new paths to find purpose in life. Explorers do not like to be fenced or boxed in. They inspire others with a clear, strong vision, to look deeper.

Explorer brands seek freedom and joy through discovery and eschew rules as a result.

Explorer Brands: NASA, Patagonia

The Lover

The Lover declares that romance is alive and well, and that the world should have closer relationships. However, the Lover brands are not just about romantic love, but are also also familial, friendly, and spiritual relationships.

The Lover brand fosters intimacy above all, between people, connecting them through special emotional experiences.

Lover Brands: Victoria’s Secret, Haagen-Dazs.

The Everyman

The Everyman is down-to-earth, comfortable, wholesome, and reliable. Everyman brands value hard work and authenticity.

Everyman brands appeal to the mass market with common goods that reject luxury. They align themselves to a bit of every culture.

Everyman Brands: McCain, Tesco

The Caregiver

Caregivers live so that they can give. They are motivated by compassion and want to nurture people to make them feel secure.

Caregiver brands can often be found defending the less fortunate, and are altruistically and not financially motivated. They are universally considered the most trustworthy and believable of all brands.

Caregiver Brands: NPCC, NHS

The Ruler

For the Ruler, it is all about removing uncertainty and taking control. They like to make the rules, and make others follow them. They believe in playing the game fairly and correctly. Ruler brands are stable and respected, often seen as luxurious and royal. They expect the same courtesy and propriety from others than they provide.

Ruler Brands: Rolls Royce, Microsoft

The Creator

The Creator often has a vision of what they want the world to be, and they create enduring, innovative, and ambitious products that turn that vision into a reality.

Creator Brands crave freedom of expression to make sense of the world around them and use that creativity to enable creativity in others.

Creator Brands: Adobe, Apple

Which Of The 12 Brand Archetypes Are You?

Understanding your Brand Archetype will help you in marketing your brand better. If you want to identify your Brand Archetype, then we at the Bumblebee Branding Company can help identify it for you through specialized workshops.

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