Progressive Web Apps: Draw in Mobile Users to the Web


Today’s consumers do almost everything on their phones, so you might want to focus on creating the perfect mobile experience for your website. Is there a way to integrate mobile responsiveness to the web? Progressive web apps (PWAs) are the solution – they can be opened in a browser and offer user experience similar to mobiles. Attract both mobile and web users through PWAs. Here is how:

1. Provide a responsive UI to visitors

A PWA offers users a mobile experience similar to a native app. You can optimize the user experience for the device on which the PWA will be used so that the information and functionalities come out in the best way possible.

With a PWA, content only has to be made once, and not remade each time for Android, iOS, and a website separately. This means that you can focus your time on improving how the content looks to users rather than on the content itself.

2. Be found easily on the Internet

Users can find PWAs easily via a search engine and other platforms. You can downlaod PWAs from a social media channel, home page, or another part of your brand ecosystem. You do not have to depend on app stores any longer and wait for users to decide if they can search for you.

The content in a PWA is included in search results and therefore contributes towards your SEO rankings. This makes it even easier to find the rest of your online collaterals and improve your brand presence.

3. Bring your mobile visitors to the web

Just like a mobile app, PWAs are fast and handy, with simple app-like navigation. Here are some features of PWAs that will attract mobile users:

  • Options such as an add to home screen button
  • Access to smartphone features such as push notifications
  • Allow camera use
  • Allow geolocation tracking

4. Allow visitors to use the app offline

People have plenty of apps that they want to upload to their devices, so it is difficult for apps to conquer a place in users’ lives. PWAs have a low usage threshold because:

  • No new app needs to be downloaded
  • The app can be used offline
  • Takes up less memory than native apps

PWAs are the future

PWAs combine the best of the web and the best of mobile apps. They also help businesses increasing conversions and page visits. They are the perfect solution for new businesses and even existing businesses. Engage your mobile users on the web created with the help of the Bumblebee Branding Company in Chennai, India.

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