How We Set Apollo Hospitals Up With A Crucial Training Program

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Online video is growing by leaps and bounds. In 2017, it accounted for 69% of all internet traffic.

That’s because a video is the most effective form of online communication. The creation and distribution of even one video for your business has unique benefits:

  • Videos boost SEO by 41%
  • Videos make 2.5x more sales
  • Videos increase social media reach by 1200% more than text or videos

You can get started with video very easily for enterprise messaging, education, and entertainment. Here’s an example of a case study we did for Apollo Hospitals with video production.

1. We took their needs down clearly

Apollo Hospitals requested a complete Turnkey Solution, beyond creating videos to make the learning engaging. The core team requested the presentation to be extremely interactive and look very professional, to clearly deliver the message to the students while also making sure they were engaged.

So… how could we create such a course for these medical students…and for the world at large?

Our approach was to get to the heart of Apollo’s needs and fulfil them creatively throughout video. We had multiple requirements and gathering meetings to finalize the format of the presentation, and gathered all the course inputs and other essentials from the team.

2. We created a cloud-based LMS to publish all courses.

Aside from Apollo’s requirements, we wanted to make sure that the presentation style was interactive and looked both professional and classy. Aside from our course videos, we also had to publish the course in a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS)

3. We shot the video in our state-of-the-art studio

For the course, we knew we wanted to film in our state-of-the-art studio in the heart of Chennai, with the following equipment:

1. Three hundred pre-rigging lights with an individual control system. 

2. Pre- Defined Lighting Styles to suit any look/style

3. A Two-Camera Setup

4. A Live Sound Recording Facility

5. A team of experienced In House Technicians (Camera & Sound Personnel)

 6. A team of experienced In House Post production Team (Edit, VFX and Sound) 

4. Our comprehensive solution

We got to work, using our six-step process of producing videos. Using the course inputs, we were able to create following for our clients as part of our package:

  • A cloud-based LMS to view the course on any digital platform like mobile or website, to help the students navigate easily on any device
  • An option for self-paced learning so that each student could learn according to their style
  • Regular quizzes and grading models for the students to be tested throughout the course
  • Linking of the courses with webinars and live interaction to introduce the human element into an otherwise online course
  • A comprehensive online course with course completion certificate for every student
  • A scalable model so that Apollo Hospitals could accommodate more students and colleges based on their needs and wishes to expand the program.


We impressed both our clients and audiences with our responsive course design and made the presentation style engaging and interactive. Contact the Bumblebee Branding Company for video production services in Chennai, India.

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