How We Can Give you A Perfect SEO Audit

SEO audit factors

If you are not getting the visibility you need on search engines, you should audit your online presence to see if everything is working perfectly. A search engine optimization audit is designed to add value to and improve the information, based on which you are making marketing decisions for your company.

Taking the time to analyze critical SEO components can help you develop a personalized action plan to get the organic search results you have always wanted.

1. Hygiene checks with third-party tools

When you upload your website to Google, the website will be crawled and indexed. Crawling is how your site is being read by Google and indexing is adding your web pages to Google search results. These components are the foundation behind a successful approach to SEO.

  • Technical Audits — It is recommended to perform a thorough SEO technical audit on the website once in 3 months
  • Website Hygiene Checks — We recommend complementing the technical audit with regular website hygiene check-ups monthly
  • Technical Issues Monitoring — You also need to continuously monitor GSC, log files and fresh crawls to better control the technical issues that are of high impact on the web site’s performance by daily monitoring.

2. Continuous monitoring

When you write a blog, the call-to-action (CTA) is an important part. The CTA should include or lead to your website or form that readers can follow in order for them to be interested and read more of what you have to say about the topic on hand. Experiment with placement, wording it differently each time, personalizing it so they feel as though they are being taken on their own individual journey through your eyes alone.

3. Prioritization of error correction

After you finish the SEO audit, you can prioritize the correction of technical issues accordingly:

  • Errors — The highest priority fixes on the site as they might create hindrances for Google to access or understand what’s happening on your site
  • Warnings  — Warnings are slightly less critical than errors, although they will have a direct impact on your performance. However, they can be handled on a secondary priority to errors.
  • Notices  — Notices are the points of interest that you need to investigate and diagnose. They can be handled last.


A good SEO audit will enable you to identify if your brand’s online presence is correctly presented and can clean up anything to make sure people see what you want them to see. Contact the Bumblebee Branding Company for SEO audit services in Chennai, India.

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