How to tell if you need to work with content blocking experts


In today’s digital age, a less-than-stellar online reputation can affect your employment prospects and even financial opportunities. When you discover negative or damaging information about yourself or your business on the internet, it is necessary to act quickly and remove it. Content blocking experts can help find out where the source of this information came from so that they may be able to block it for future readers and viewers. Here are three scenarios wherein calling a content blocking expert would be helpful:

1. If your business is suffering from a series of bad reviews

While you can handle one or two bad reviews on your own, a series of bad reviews, also known as “review-bombing” can seriously bring down your online ratings and business reputation. In this case, you might want to call in the best reputation management services.

2. Whenever your business safety is on the line

If the information you come across threatens the safety of your business, for example:

  • Business secrets, insider information or tips
  • Stories about your team members containing personal information

You might want to call experts to remove it without leaving a public trail so that people can discover the original information.

3. If the information about you is false or defamatory

Extreme cases of false or defamatory information include nude photos circulating on the web, or a customer review that contains incorrect details shared in a public forum with other customers.

The most extreme form of defamation for businesses is often identity impersonation when interacting with customers. In any of these cases, the services of an expert would be extremely valuable.

You do not have to call a content blocking expert:

Data brokers are companies that collect your personal information and resell it to other companies for marketing purposes. If you want to remove information collected by a particular data broker, you can fill out a form to remove that information from a particular website. The action will be taken up by the website hosting authorities by default.

You do not need to work with content removal experts in this scenario, but you can seek their consultation for the best way to fill the form to contain all necessary details.


Content blocking experts are very important players in ensuring your reputation. If this article has given you any clues or guidance on what pieces of content you need deleting, the Bumblebee Branding Company’s online reputation management services can help.

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