How to get quality backlinks for your website


Google’s search engine is quite popular, but did you know it also knows which links will work best for your website? Backlinks are a great way to point customers back towards your site and show them what they should be looking at. Here is how to create backlinks that Google will rank high:

1. Trusted, useful websites

When it comes to placing backlinks, try to place them on websites that have a Domain Authority (DA) score of 60 or above. DA is a predictive tool that estimates how well a website will rank in search engine results for keywords and topics. Scored on a 100-point scale, the higher the DA of your site and the other one that you want your backlink to link to – there is more chance these sites will be ranked first page in Google searches.

2. Include keyword in anchor text

If you want to scale your external backlink efforts, ensure that anyone linking to you has the right anchor text. Using branded hybrid anchors is a great way of getting more people interested in what it is that your site offers. You can easily do this by using keywords related and relevant to their niche or topic.

3. Link to the current topic When you are selecting websites to place your backlinks on, make sure that you select the right website for every link. For example if it is about dental hygiene then a nutritionist would be more valuable than linking to grocery stores because they are unrelated topics and will not help with SEO. Some examples of topically relevant sites are:

  • A mom blogger’s website if you are selling baby clothes
  • A delivery website if you are selling retail goods

A business asset

Not all backlinks are created equal. If you want to rank higher in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS), focus on quality backlinks. If you would like to create backlinks that help you reach out to fulfil people’s needs directly, work with the Bumblebee Branding Company for link building services in Chennai, India.

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