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Get people talking about your graphics! All you have to do is work on your social media posts with an expert designer to create a page that has everyone wondering who you are. This post gives you four ideas to consider for social media post design. 

1. Incorporate a variety of designs 

In design, variety begins with strategy. Look for opportunities to accommodate different design styles to keep your feed dynamic and engaging. Different design styles can excel at different functions: 

  • Flat design characters and colours are useful for infographics, conveying information, or telling a story
  • Hand-lettered typography on posts can be useful for inspirational quotes for people to share
  •  Photography (especially candid) are a great way to showcase real people and products – and put a stamp of authenticity 

2. Keep themes and templates in stock 

While original social media content is the most valuable, having it every day is not practical or necessary. Instead, what you can do is design templates for some of your regular posts allows you to create your social media content in a speedy and scalable way and establishes visual cohesion.

While you might assume that creating a template makes you look inexperienced or incompetent, you can take them as design roadmaps that give you a structure to play around once all the rules and guidelines have been done. 

3. Analyze which designs are working 

Social media moves fast and sometimes you can get lost in a sea of other posts. However, this means that the posts that have succeeded will bring you almost instant results. This means you have to get the bulk of your likes, shares, and impressions on the same day, and notice which posts are making a splash. 

Then use the designs of those posts as inspirations.

4. Keep a visually consistent profile 

Tip one tells you to use a variety of designs, and you should, but also keep in mind that your page needs to be visually consistent for branding purposes. 

You need to balance original content with things that contribute to the collective whole of your design. Keep each post’s design consistent with your brand guidelines (for example, placing your logo on the bottom right of the post) to get a loyal fanbase. 

Knowing and choosing 

Good social media design can arrest a person in their tracks and stop scrolling. It can demonstrate your quality and creativity. The Bumblebee Branding Company in Chennai, India is a social media marketing company that can create beautiful posts for you. Get started with becoming a social hit! 

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