Email hosting for businesses: why should you do it?


You now have more communication channels than ever to attract, inform and retain your customers. However, emails have always stood out as simple and efficient even among text messages, WhatsApp, and social media. Emails can be customized for your customers, stakeholders, and team – with tone and content variations. Investing in emails means you should consider email hosting, where third-party hosting providers rent out email servers to users. Your emails will then be sent and received on the server. We explore three reasons why you should consider email hosting as part of your marketing efforts.

1.Reduce costs of sending emails

A hosting company will give you the choice between Free and Paid hosting services. Free email hosting services comes with benefits such as no commitment or contract and file storage to meet your needs.

If you opt for Free email hosting services, you do not have to worry about hiring a person separately to install mail servers or create teams to run these servers. That will save a lot of your budget. If you opt for Paid email hosting, you receive access to a huge suite of features (some include calendars, address books, domain names) for little long-term investment

2. Adds brand credibility

If you choose to take up Paid Email Hosting services, one of the features offered is the creation of a personalised domain name for your brand (for example,

All current and future employees can also receive an email id that contains the brand’s domain name. When sending out emails from this id, this adds credibility to your brand. People are much more likely to open emails from ids which contain the company name, and not consign them to their spam folders.

3. Security and encryption

Professional email hosting offers servers equipped with industry-level encryption to ensure the safety of sensitive data.

This means that even if your employees sign in from different applications (tabs, phones, laptops) or locations, your emails will be protected. You will also receive antivirus software as part of the server, and spam protection so their emails are protected from online threats, junk mails and spam barrages.

Business emails: the way forward

Business emails help you build conversations and long-lasting relationships with clients and vendors alike. Invest in email hosting for good storage, email synchronization and more. The Bumblebee Branding Company in Chennai, India, can host your emails on our secure servers.

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