Deciding what to do after your brand audit


Data extracted from your brand audit can be extremely revealing! The findings will help determine what direction you need to take your brand. Do you need a brand refresh or a radical overhaul? Once you have broken your data down into manageable chunks, here are four key approaches to take based on your results!

1.     Re-position and re-update your brand

Sometimes, you identify that your brand has been steadily providing its services, but economic conditions have altered your performances and you are not positioned strongly enough for future growth.

If you are out of alignment with your marketplace, you can re-define your brand processes, promises, and values. Re-position and re-update your brand to become relevant to the general marketplace and align it with your projected future direction and plans of growth.

2.     Improve brand perception with target audiences

Note, when we say “target audiences”, we do not mean just external ones. You can use your brand audit results to improve your internal brand perception as well, for example, with your staff.

If your brand audit reveals that people are not connecting to your brand collaterals, identity, customer journey or sales process, then you can alter them.

The results of this are often improved brand perception and loyalty. With this move, you create a legion of brand ambassadors and evangelists who understand that you will always consider their feedback.

3.     Adjust your targets to achieve a goal

When you started out but before you took the brand audit, you likely had clear goals for your company. This goal likely influenced your sales and lead targets, and the kind of efforts you are putting in and where you are allocating your time and money.

If your audit reveals that you are not on track to meet that goal, then accordingly, you need to adjust your targets to work with the resources you have now.

4.     Plan focus areas

When you do a brand audit and find out your strengths and weaknesses, you have to take a call if you want to see your brand differently. Based on your results, you have to decide which areas you want to focus on immediately, and which areas need your long-term commitment.

For example, if you have scored high in sales targets but low in brand perception, then sales are likely to be your long-term focus, and brand perception needs an action plan immediately.

The Next Steps

Now that you have your audit results and are planning which direction to take, you can discuss your next steps with the Bumblebee Branding Company in Chennai, India. We can help you come up with a long-term brand strategy based on your needs and goals.

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