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In a previous blog, we established why email marketing is a great way to generate leads by targeting them specifically. However, once you pick your audience, how do you craft content that gets their attention immediately? You may think that people find emails annoying or consign them to the spam folder, but the right email content can change that view. Read four ways to craft email content that people want to read.

1. Address their concerns immediately

Starting with the subject line and the pre-header, the reader should feel that the content is written specifically for them. More importantly, it should talk about a problem that they likely are facing, and offer a solution. Also, offer a way for them to get in touch with you to implement that solution immediately.

2. Intimate tone of voice

It might be all too tempting to take a sales approach with your email content and push your products, but that will alienate your audience. Instead, balance the sales with interesting personal facts or an approach that makes them feel that they have received an email from a friend. If your friend sends you something, you would open it, right?

3. Diversify your subject matter

Whatever content you generate, make sure that you speak on varying subjects. Add in educational content that will help your subscribers. Allow them to choose the depth and frequency of emails by personalizing what they receive. Here are some ideas for diverse content for emails:

  • Fun facts or statistics from their industry
  • A personal note congratulating them on their recent achievement
  • Insights or research snippets from a recent industry problem

4. Conversational, Creative, and Funny

Most important of all, any email sent to clients should be light-hearted in tone. They will likely read your email during a morning meeting or business afternoon. Keeping your email conversational, creative, and funny has a better chance of making sure that they remember you. However, a word of caution – avoid being humorous for the sake of it. Strike the right balance between being light-hearted and also making them think deeply.

Start of something beautiful

Emails are more than just sales tools, they can also be personal essays from you to your clients and audiences. This personal touch is what engages a client, over and over. Craft the perfect email content with The Bumblebee Branding Company’s content writing services in Chennai, India.

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