Components of a successful SEO Report


Every business has a broad umbrella of goals, but one that always needs to be on your list is increasing your internet presence through SEO. Reports make it easy for you to understand the channels undertaken and the results generated through your monthly SEO. Read our explainer guide on the components of a successful SEO report.

1. Traffic channels

If your primary goal is to understand how to increase your website traffic, then put traffic at the top of the SEO report.Some sections of the report that would be useful for you;

  • What is the source of the traffic?
  • How many new users do you have?
  • How many users return to your website regularly?
  • How long do users spend on your website?

2. Conversion rate and monthly goal completion

While traffic is a great appetiser, the real meat of your business lies in how many people you convert from visitors to regular customers. If you have monthly targets, check on how many of them you are achieving and at which stage.

For example, if you run a website where the goal is for users to donate to a charity, you can set a goal of checking how many people arrive at your “thank you for your donation” screen. This will give you an analysis that customers have successfully donated and that you have converted them.

3. Page traffic

Now that you know where your visitors come from, you must find out where they are going. For example, someone might have visited the website originally from a Google search, but if they click on your recent blog post, that means they are hooked enough to keep browsing and are one more step closer to becoming a customer.

All page traffic reports will help you optimize your pages for greater acquisition.

4. Time on site and bounce rate

The first three metrics on this blog post were a necessity.

These additional two metrics mentioned here are valuable and give you an insight on whether your content is “sticky” or strong enough to pull the client in.

Focus on the following web pages for your report:

  • Product or services page
  • Offers
  • Home page

The perfect SEO report is an asset

You can use the above metrics to pull SEO reports that tell you how to improve your business for success and get more visitors for your website. The Bumblebee Branding Company is a lead generation company in Chennai, India that you can consult for getting you SEO reports.

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