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They say that content is king in the market, but you have to choose the right kind of content to succeed. If you focus on giving people solely the content they want and need when they need it, you will stand apart from the pack. Your content should shift beyond what the brand does to how it makes people feel. This post will give you a content strategy to get results.

1. Audience Analysis

Do you know your customers? This should be the first thing you do. Your storytelling strategy should centre on your customer based on their interests, behaviours, habits, motivations, influences, wants, needs, dreams, and tastes. You have to also understand what channels your customers congregate on, to deliver the content directly to them.

2. Content Creation 

Define your content, the message you want to send, and the intended audience. Content is only powerful in the context of its distribution and it needs to induce customers to take action. This way, you invite the reader to immerse themselves in your brand and never leave them wondering what to do next. Create content in steps, starting and ending with your customer and aligning all stories with your brand. To understand what topics will resonate with audiences, map their customer journeys and track what the top influencers in their communities are talking about.

3. Content Distribution

Channels are all the possible mediums you can distribute content on. There are a few different channels to consider, such as:

  • Owned – Where you have complete control (for example, your billboard)
  • Earned – Driven by PR and corporate connect (for example, print coverage)
  • Paid – You pay the channel to disseminate your message (for example, ads)

4. Content Management and Measurement  

Decide how to handle how much content you are putting out on a regular basis, and analyse what kind of results it is bringing you.For content management, you should consider using a content calendar for an extended period. For content measurement, you will need to track the posts that users are scanning, the comments that they are leaving, and more.

A winning content strategy

With the right content strategy, your brand can be like a book – filled with bestselling stories, vision, and purpose. The Bumblebee Branding Company in Chennai, India is a content marketing company that can help you draft the right strategy for success. Try it out to generate brand messaging for results.

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