AI – A Content Creator’s Nightmare?

AI – A Content Creator’s Nightmare?

AI has been making waves for quite some time now and is here to stay and make revolutionary changes in every industry. One industry that AI has been making a tremendous impact on is the content creation field. The influence is such that it has become difficult to determine which content is conjured by an AI and which by a human mind.

According to a recent study, the value of AI in marketing will be worth more than $107.5 billion by 2028. The common questions swimming in most content creators’ minds are, how will AI transform the way content is created and will it take over the content creation domain?

Let us kickstart this blog post by understanding what is AI content creation. It is the production of content using Artificial Intelligence technology. The content includes creating art, ideas, and writing and editing the copy produced.

Ways of Using AI in content creation

Research and creating content with uniformity in brand voice

Creating an impressive content strategy comes with a lot of research and time invested.  The content team will not only have to come up with the content but will also have to watch out for the competitor’s strategy. Keeping track of all these is exhausting. However, with AI, the research can be generated in less time than required. Apart from research, AI can also come up with great ideas for content that is in accordance with boosting the brand image.

Another feature that marketers must keep in mind while creating content is maintaining uniformity in brand voice. This can be sorted using AI tools where content is created with the help of natural language processing and machine learning which analyse brand voice before generating the needed content.

Search Engine Optimization

Marketers take a lot of effort to come up with strategies to have their content ranked first on Google. But if they take the help of AI, their efforts can be a breeze as AI tools can discover important keywords which will help drive traffic to their website and eventually have it ranked in the top set of websites on Google. Besides finding relevant keywords, AI tools can also be used to forecast SEO rankings for a particular keyword which can assist content writers to shape their content accordingly and boost results.

Another pressing concern for marketers is grabbing the attention of their consumers or visitors once they visit their website. AI tools can take care of this challenge by generating distinctive page titles, meta descriptions, article backlinks and image alt tags.

AI can also help the marketing team in understanding the article ranking on Google as opposed to finding it manually using SERP ranking.

AI for content writing

Once ChatGPT became available to the public, more writers are using it to make their tasks easier. However, this just creates content that lacks originality. But it can be used for certain sections of the article or blog post. AI can be used for summary creation, data analysis and categorizing information.

An example of AI being used for content writing is the News wire service Reuters, utilising AI for writing simple copies and coming up with story ideas. Their journalists look at it as a copywriting assistant.

Will AI strengthen the role of content creators or replace it?

One thing is for sure, AI can never replace creativity. If you are still wondering about this then just ask yourself the following questions. Can AI generate thought-provoking novel ideas to the likes of Ayn Rand and Franz Kafka or can it come up with humorous one-liners that pertain to the modern world? Can it imagine like Pablo Picasso, J.K Rowling or Lewis Caroll? The answer is NO. When it comes to imagination, the human mind knows no bounds. AI can only pour out information from its database which has been provided by a human. It cannot produce creativity that comes from astounding imagination.  So, rest assured, AI will not take over the power, a content creator possesses by way of their creativity. It will only be a tool to organise certain aspects during content creation and help marketers in the process of coming up with strategies on how to build the brand.

To conclude

AI for content creation is an effective marketing strategy as it saves a lot of time and provides marketers to focus on other aspects of promoting the brand. Although AI pales in front of originality and can never replace it, it will still be a source of solutions to certain aspects of content creation for many years to come.

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