5 Steps To Ensure Complete Brand Safety on Digital Platforms

5 Steps To Ensure Complete Brand Safety on Digital Platforms

Safeguarding your brand online is essential for any business. Fortunately, there are seven important elements that you can implement to ensure complete brand safety and protect your company’s reputation. In this article, we’ll explore these five components and how they can help keep your business secure.

Implement Ad Verification Software.

Ad verification software, such as Google’s Authorized Buyer Program, helps you identify and eliminate questionable ads from appearing on sites where your ads may appear. This type of software also allows you to reject campaigns that could be potentially damaging to your company’s reputation. Additionally, this program can monitor for brand safety violations in real time and alert you to any issues that arise.

Utilize Whitelists & Blacklists.

To ensure complete brand safety, create whitelists and blacklists of websites, URLs, and keywords that content must abide by. For example, whitelists can contain specific keywords or phrases related to your business that allow ads to appear on certain sites. Blacklists can contain offensive or irrelevant sites on which you don’t want your ads appearing. By creating this list, you can control the distribution of your content accurately and quickly and remove inappropriate materials from any platform.

Create Real-Time Block Lists of Unsafe Sites and Ads.

To ensure complete brand safety, create real-time block lists of sites and ads. Establish policies and procedures when it comes to monitoring and flagging suspicious sites or content that doesn’t align with your brand values. With these processes in place, you’re able to detect any bad actors or inappropriate content quickly so you can take the necessary action to safeguard your business from reputational damage.

Of course, having the right tools and systems in place can go a long way. Look for a brand safety partner or solution that scans and audits in real-time to detect any objectionable content across publishers and platforms. Some solutions include keyword blockers, URL blockers, blacklist databases, whitelist databases, and AI technology for greater accuracy when it comes to identifying potential risks. Additionally, these types of partners provide comprehensive reporting on domains blocked, ads detected, and more so that you can easily track your performance over time.

Employ A Contextual Analysis Tool For Keyword Scanning & Syntax Detection.

Contextual analysis tools can help identify whether sites and content are in line with your brand values by scanning keywords within the text. Syntax detection, which compares words and phrases used to create meaning, identifies components of written articles or videos that could negatively impact your brand. By employing these safety measures, you’ll be able to detect any discrepancies without manually searching through vast amounts of content.

Contextual analysis tools can protect your brand from negative content by scanning specific keywords that you can determine. This way, you won’t have to search through every article or video one by one. Additionally, these tools use syntax detection to scan phrases and words in the context of the sentence they appear in. This allows them to determine which pieces are commercialized and may hurt your reputation. With such measures taken, you’ll be able to assess if the placement is safe for your brand without wasting time manually tracking content.

Restrict Your Ads From Social Media Platforms That Are Known For Controversial Content Creation and Sharing.

When it comes to brand safety, you should take extra care to restrict your ads from social media applications that are notorious for producing or sharing controversial content. Some social networks have been known to publish content ranging from explicit images and videos to cyberbullying, and radical views. Make sure you only place your ad on social media sites where you firmly believe in their set of principles and identity. Additionally, you can create exclusions for specific topics or categories that have a high risk of going against your values.

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