4 Ways to Rule Social Media as a Small Business


If you are a small business, rather than use social media to just aggressively promote your brand, invest time to build slow brand relationships with your audiences online. You can choose a social media network and show off your brand on it based on your unique sector and strengths. Read our guide to four ways you can brand yourself on social media.

1.     Choose your social networks based on your target audience

While it might be tempting to opt to be on all the social media networks at once (and think it’ll get you greater publicity), the truth is you should only be on the ones where your audiences are likely to be. To identify which ones you should set up profiles on, find out where your target audiences congregate and only spend money marketing and advertising there. For example, if your product is highly visual and your audience appreciates browsing pictures, having an Instagram page is a must for you, but having a LinkedIn page would be unnecessary.

2.     Post high-quality content

Regularly update your content so that you can make your mark by entertaining and informing your audience. Some things you can try include:

·       Going live to show the business behind the scenes

·       Videos of your product being packaged

·       Contests and giveaways to promote sales on the website

·       Quizzes and games

3.     Encourage your customers to engage with you online

As a small business, you might be making sales from word-of-mouth, but while that is helpful, you need to make your mark on social media as well for worldwide sales. Request all your in-store customers to leave reviews and video testimonials that you can place on your social media accounts to show followers. Ask them to tag you when they show off the product to their friends. Also invite them to participate in behind-the-scenes activities such as lives to get more online engagement.

4.     Hold contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways are a surefire way to ensure that you generate a large number of comments for your posts. If you hold one contest every month and deliver your products to the winners, it ensures that the winners post your products on social media for their networks to see. This way, you end up on people’s feeds, even if you didn’t actively sell them your product.

Rule social media as a small business!

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