10 Tips to Increase Your Followers on Instagram

10 Tips to Increase Your Followers on Instagram

Instagram is an amazing marketing tool for many a brand out there. It is a brand’s portfolio. A great Instagram page will have a good customer retention rate. It helps to communicate with your customers and understand their needs. This in turn can boost your sales if you incorporate your customer’s needs into your product. Understanding your customer’s psychology is key to growing your brand.


Before we get into the tips on how to boost your followers, let us first look at a few interesting statistics.

  1. Instagram is the 4th most used social media platform in the world.
  2. There are more than 2 billion active monthly users.
  3. A January 2023 statistics report revealed that 51.8% of Instagram users were men and 48.2% of the users were women.
  4. India leads the world with the highest number of Instagram users (249 million). This is followed by the United States of America (147 million) and Brazil (117 million).
  5. 11.7 hours – that is the number of hours a user spends on Instagram per month on average.

Now that we know the statistics, let us dive into the various tips to increase followers on Instagram.

Put out an eye-catching Bio.

When you present yourself well, people get interested in engaging with you. It is the same with an Instagram bio. Your bio is the first thing your visitors note when they land on your Instagram page. As it conveys who your brand is, it must be strong enough for visitors to turn into followers. To have an eye-catching bio, use important keywords that embody your brand. Keep it short and sweet yet informative. Apart from having a great one-liner, include a website link for your visitors to know more about you and your brand.

Have an attractive feed

Your feed is the second thing that visitors have a look at after the bio. When your brand’s feed is interesting to look at, your visitors would love to click on that follow button. So, plan how your content will appear on the feed and accordingly create and post high-quality content that guarantees results. There are many Instagram feed planners out there for you to experiment with and decide. Use them to increase followers on Instagram.

Use interesting captions for each of your posts

Of late, Instagram has made it convenient for users to search using keywords instead of just hashtags, location tags, profile names, and usernames. When you use suitable keywords for your post, it leaves a positive impression on the minds of your visitors thereby gaining followers. Relevant keywords will get your content to appear on Instagram’s Explore page and have people engaging with your page if your posts and captions fascinate people.


Every post on Instagram has a limited number of hashtags you can use for your post to be discovered by your target audience. Using the most-searched-for hashtags in connection to your post will increase the chances of it appearing on the Instagram Explore page.

Be consistent and follow a particular time to post your content

To keep the ball rolling, being consistent is key. Posting every day at the right time has proven to garner followers. Posting at the right time will help gain more engagement for your post which would increase followers.

Create captivating reels

Posting just images every day may have your followers lose interest in your page. Also, the Instagram algorithm favours reels. So, if you include reels with interesting content, your brand is sure to have an increase in followers. It was noted that an Instagram user had posted a reel every day and found that there was a 2800+ increase in followers after a month.

Post a story every day and include interesting stories in your story highlights

If you wish to post the links to your brand’s YouTube videos or make any quick announcement, then stories are your place. It helps your audience to interact with you and increase the authenticity of your brand. Also, interesting stories can be given in your story highlights for visitors to get a better idea of your brand. Apart from this, having a simple and appealing cover for your story highlights will not only show your brand’s personality but also provide a well-ordered look to your page.

Have a live broadcast once in a while

When your brand has a live broadcast occasionally, the engagement with your followers will be more personal than if it was done through other forms (posts and reels). This can make your customers more interested in your brand and increase loyalty.

Collaborate with other brands and influencers

Join forces with like-minded brands and influencers to have a wider reach of your brand by tapping into their pool of followers. If you have the budget to reach out to big influencers then go ahead, else reaching out to micro-influencers will also work. It has been noted that if you engage with micro-influencers, there is a higher engagement rate than if you collaborated with a macro influencer.

Cross-promote your Instagram account

Cross-promoting your Instagram account is the best way to let more users know your brand’s presence on Instagram. Mentioning the link in your website footer, Facebook page, print ads, and email templates can have your customers and visitors directed to your Instagram page and have them follow you.


Growing your Instagram followers is one of the strategies to the question “How to build the brand?” The above tips are just to increase followers on Instagram organically. You have to be patient to increase your followers. It is not going to happen overnight. To grow genuine followers time and effort must be invested before you see any increase in followers.

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