Your Comprehensive Checklist before You Send Out That Email to Customers

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Ensure that there are no silly mistakes in your email campaign.

Have you ever been in that position where you realized that your email has a spelling error, you sent it to the worn person, or even worse, you forgot to attach that document. You discovered all this after you pressed send?

Sometimes, these mistakes may not matter, but there are times when they might prove costly. The latter can be the case when you are heading a critical marketing campaign and have to send an email to a pre-defined list using an email automation tool as part of the campaign.

We cannot afford to make these errors in an email campaign. If your customer or prospective one sees an error that could have been avoided, it will affect your business’s reputation. Your professionalism will be questioned.

So, to avoid errors in any email, we have put together a comprehensive checklist for you to ensure that there are no mistakes in any email you send – be it to your work friend or an important client.

Here are the things to look out for before hitting that ‘send’ button:

  1. Broken Links
  2. Forgotten links
  3. Broken social media sharing button
  4. Spelling or grammar errors
  5. Colour issues in images and the email in general
  6. Captivating and grammatically correct subject line/sender name
  7. Email compatibility across devices, browsers, and email clients
  8. Recognizable and consistent “from” name and address
  9. Ensure that your reply-to address is not too complicated
  10. Use clear calls to action that relate to your content
  11. If you are sending an email on behalf of your company, including company contact information, including a physical mailing address, to avoid spam filters
  12. Workable and prominent unsubscribe link
  13. Make sure your plain-text version is visually attractive and has working links
  14. Ensure that you test dynamic content and personalization
  15. Check and double check that there are no broken images, and ALT text is in place
  16. Try to keep load time under 2-3 seconds
  17. Make sure the email file size is less than 102KB (this is the size at which Gmail will clip your email)
  18. Ensure your email is accessible to screen readers and those with visual impairments
  19. Run a Spam Filter Test to ensure email authentication records are in place
  20. Ensure that your attachment is the correct one and is attached before you send out the email

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