Tips to Make Your Website Design Stand Out


Some business owners think that a website’s design does not matter. This could not be further from the truth! Your site is more than just an online brochure – it represents your company and needs to look professional, easy-to-use, and sharp in order for you to have success on the web. Here are our tips so that you can make sure your website has an excellent user interface (UI).

1. Easy navigation

Ease in navigation is essential, especially if your website has many pages. Make your navigation bar and cues on the page noticeable throughout the interface. If necessary, a simple design such as visible arrows would work better to guide people than complex elements. The goal is for them to proceed smoothly to the end and take a necessary action.

For example, on an e-commerce website, try to guide your audience from peruse to purchase.

2. Engagement

Web pages should have an open and engaging layout from beginning to end. You need to feed people’s eyes with opportunities and room for interactivity at every scroll, by adding elements such as a quiz or discovery potential.

Make audiences spend some time interacting with the website through offers, popup quizzes on the design, or games.

3. SEO  

Utilizing all spaces on your site for SEO opportunities will help you create an engaging and memorable design with UI/UX (User experience) consulting.

A small hack – make sure you use all visible space on the web page as long-term SEO strategy through good visual hierarchy. Incorporate beautiful designs in corners that catch people’s eyes.

Remember: most people read websites from left to right so placing important content on the left side can enhance your design aesthetic while also taking advantage of valuable real estate that increases visibility online.

4. Visual elements   

Your design is defined by the font and colours you choose. If you want the audience to remember an important message, make sure you represent it visually through illustrations, or in a text box of a different colour.

Some elements you can consider are:

  • Illustrations, vectors, and images
  • Infographics (if you want them to remember text)
  • Gifs and videos (for better interaction)
  • Shapes and colour elements (for relief to the eyes)
  • Word clouds (if you want to run an educational website or appeal to younger audiences).

Make your web design stand out

An eye-catching, attractive website design will get people to stay longer, recommend it to their friends, and will become a reference for other websites. As one of the best companies for web design in Chennai, India, The Bumblebee Branding Company can create the perfect user interface for you.

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