The Top 4 Needs that Marketing Teams are secretly struggling with


Over 20% of marketing teams admit that training their teams is a challenge they struggle with. In addition to that, another challenge is that marketers have to run various channels to engage with their audiences and keep their interest – such as campaigns, SEO, or lead generation. So how can they stay on top of their game and master the required marketing and training strategies to engage their audiences and train their teams? Here are some other challenges faced:

  1. The Sales Conundrum

To put it simply, the Sales Conundrum arises when marketers are not sure what the next steps are to turn their leads into viable sales opportunities.  Marketing and sales teams must align their goals to create an effective sales funnel.

Here are some things that marketing teams can use training on when it comes to sales:

  • Defining marketing metrics
  • Prepare sales targets
  • Building customer-vendor relationship
  • Turning past successes into techniques

2. Social Media and its ROI

Another issue that marketing teams face are where to use social media in their campaigns and how to measure results from social media and track them to a specific lead or revenue number.

Marketing teams can be trained on the following when it comes to social media:

  • Which social media networks to use
  • How much time is required to see returns
  • Which social channels to eliminate
  • Tracking leads from social campaigns
  • Which copy works for which platform

3. Email marketing and its challenges

For marketers that have utilized email as a tool, their problem lies in not knowing what to put in their emails to convert prospects, and which prospects they want to convert.

Marketing teams can train people on the following:

  • Understanding their audiences through buyer personas
  • Focusing on the actions of the email receivers
  • Sending follow-up emails

4. SEO and blogging for success

When it comes to SEO activity and (especially) blogs, marketers need awareness on the relationship between keywords and topics – how to decide which keyword will rank, and which topics provide both information and value in terms of leads?

Marketers can be trained on:

  • Keyword traffic strategy
  • Which topics work well in the industry
  • How to write tangents in blogs

Training is essential

Think of marketing team training as a sign of growth, which leads to more sales and success. Invest in training your marketing team with the Bumblebee Branding Company in Chennai, India.

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