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How do you find the perfect domain name for your website and avoid common mistakes that domain owners make? Your website domain name needs to be unique; something that no one else can use. It is vital that you choose the perfect one to avoid any confusion in the future. This post is our guide to help you identify what domain names would work for you.

  1. Types of domains

Domain names are available with multiple extensions. While .com is the most common extension, other options such as .net or .org are available. There is also an option of taking a country-level extension (specific to a country, such as .in for India, and .us for USA).  However, we recommend that you stick with .com for your domain as it is commonly used and easy to remember.

But if finding a domain in .com is challenging, then go with .net, .org, .info, etc. You can also go with other generic TLDs like .edu for education, or .biz for business if your website is focused on a specific topic and targeted towards a specific audience.

2. Choosing a domain name

For most websites, your domain name is the first thing that visitors see, in Google and other search engines. Accordingly, choose a memorable and comprehensible name.  Here are some tips to follow before you buy the name:

  • Keep the domain name short and relevant to the business. Add no frills
  • .Choose a name that can resonate with your brand for long-term success
  • Avoid trademarked domain names
  • Avoid exact match domain names unless you plan for something special for the website
  • Try to include highly-ranked keywords in the domain name (not necessary, but preferred)

3. Checking domain availability

Before investing money in a domain, check the name history and availability to ensure you pick the right one.  Here are a few things to check the domain status:

  • Type the domain name in Google to see what results pop up
  • Check if the domain is expired or not by running them through software such as SEMrush or Moz
  • Check availability on social media sites to ensure that the username is available across all of them,

If all three criteria are met, then you can proceed with registration.

Knowing and choosing

Once you decide on the domain name and type, you can register it on a registrar such as GoDaddy, Google Domains, Namecheap or any of the marketplaces. If you need more guidance on domain registration and choosing the right one, The Bumblebee Branding Company in Chennai, India, can provide help.

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