The Best Process to Increase Sales


Selling has gotten tougher! In the past year alone, changing markets, new buying habits from previously reliable customers and aggressive competition, have resulted in 50% of sellers missing their sales quota. In today’s digital world, you need to be more productive, knowledgeable, and skilled to meet your sales goals. This is why you need only one tool to succeed in sales – a rock-solid sales enablement process.

1.Get back to basics

During the sales process, your sales representatives may need a refresher on the basics of sales and good selling, along with some updated techniques for the digital world. Setting up a sales enablement process and some of the procedures listed below will enable them to sell better:

  • Customer Questionnaires
  • Customer Personas
  • Features and Benefits Chart (for the product and service)

2. Clarity in content and training

Sales enablement is a process that encompasses not only your sales team but other teams, such as content, design, and SEO, which create material that supports the process. Start with creating a process that includes each group to increase their synergy. Then, gather all their sales enablement resources (marketing messaging, tutorials, infographics, calling scripts, emails) to support the sales team.

3. Help with long-term wins

Sales may be great for the first year, but this consistency has to continue for the second and third years, a quest that many organizations fail. Setting up your sales enablement process in the first year can help the salespeople follow strict procedures at every stage – and future representatives can also follow these procedures for consistent results.

4. Increase sales results

Sales enablement is vital because it prepares sales representatives to conduct a more effective sales process and achieve better sales results. The right sales enablement strategy equips sales representatives with the training, coaching and content they may need to succeed to become “sales experts” in the industry.


Investing in a sales enablement process will help you to achieve better sales results in the long-term and train your team for the new methods of selling in the industry. The Bumblebee Branding Company’s One-Month Sales Plan will help you plan this process step by step.

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