The Best Free Sales Tools in the Market


Although most other fields depend on the skill of the craftsman rather than his tools, in sales, the right software can have a huge impact on what kind of results you produce. If you are just starting out with sales and have only a limited budget, you don’t have to do everything manually. We’ve shortlisted a list of free sales software that you can use right now to get those leads!

1.     GetProspect for lead generation

GetProspect is perfect to find new business-to-business (B2B) leads. Go beyond your company and find the specific people you should be contacting to make sales. All you have to do is select your sales criteria – such as their industry, the country they are based in, and their position at their company. GetProspect will return a list of contacts with their names, addresses, positions and LinkedIn contact pages. With this free software, you can find up to 50 email ids!

2.     Agile CRM to manage your sales pipeline

With Agile CRM, you can track everything you want when it comes to sales. This free software allows 10 members of your sales team to access powerful features, including lead scoring, unlimited deals, tasks and documents, appointment scheduling, form building and many more. Your sales team can track these metrics for up to 1000 companies or contacts. With these many features, you can start anytime!

3. for making sales presentations

With, create sales presentations with automatic design and animation features. This software automatically updates your sales slides automatically as you add content, so you don’t find any formatting errors. This software comes with over 50 templates, a free image library, collaboration tools along with export options to PDF or PPT so you can open it easily anywhere.

4.     Perfect Pipeline to find your next sales opportunity

You can look out for your next opportunity 24/7 with Perfect Pipeline. It uses a predictive forecast engine that automatically sorts and identifies sales opportunities at the right time for you, letting you know which deals you should get immediately, and which ones look like a risk for you. Get a daily report with weekly predictions for up to 25 open opportunities.

Make sales look effortlessly and easy with these FREE tools

Sales requires dedicated resources, but the right software makes all the difference. Equip your team with any of this software and watch your sales targets be met! The Bumblebee Branding Company in Chennai, India can advise you on which ones you should go with.

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