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You have a product that’s been tested and approved to go to your target market. Now, the next step is to generate awareness and interest about your product’s benefits and plant the seed of need in your audience’s minds. While organic publicity and word-of-mouth have their place in the long term, paid marketing tools such as advertorials are helpful for your product to make a splash. In this post, we explore how you can use advertorials wisely for product publicity.

  1. What is an advertorial?

An advertorial is an advertisement that can be circulated in a newspaper, magazine, or digitally on a website. The advertorial does a deep-dive into and highlights the benefits of your product, with a sales spin that is rarely allowed by other forms of native advertising (other than sponsored posts).

There are three types of advertorials:

  • In print and online media, an advertorial is written like an independent news story focusing on the product (with added media)
  • In television, the advertorial is similar to the infomercial
  • In radio, an advertorial is a commercial

To circulate an advertorial, you have to pay the medium a charge.

2. Who can use an advertorial for their products?

Print advertorials are one of the oldest marketing techniques in the world and have been used by product marketers to educate prospective customers about the features of a product. It targets a specific set of people through your choice of medium.

For example, if you advertise your product in an online finance-focused media channel, it will largely be used to educate people interested in the economy, stocks, and markets.

Consumers who want to connect with their customers through a story can also rely on the advertorial.

3. How does an advertorial benefit the product?

  • They attract people through a combination of interesting content and authority
  • They explain to consumers exactly how your product fits into their lives
  • They influence purchasing decisions
  • They can elevate your image (particularly if you are a small business)

4. Where to get started and place an advertorial

While you can generate advertorial content yourself, hiring advertising agencies to do it means hiring experts who know what kind of ad space to purchase for you and which medium to use (for example, choosing television for the lifestyle sector).

Most publishers request that the word “advertisement” to be placed on the top or bottom of the content. These advertorials are then pushed to strategic and eye-catching sections of the medium (for example, the infomercial is run during a television show break).

An advertorial is a great publicity tool

Carve a position of authority and generate the publicity you need for your product with an advertorial for short-term results. The Bumblebee Branding Company is an advertising agency in Chennai, India, that can create and secure prime-time ad space for you.

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