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In today’s digital age, a less-than-stellar online reputation can affect both your personal and professional life, and even your financial prospects. When you discover negative and damaging information about yourself or your business online, you want to get that content removed, and quickly. Read four ways that the Bumblebee Branding Company can immediately get this content about you removed from the Internet:

1. Remove at the source

It is best to track down the website where the negative content originated, and remove it from there directly. When the information no longer exists at the source, it can no longer show up in search engine results or other linked websites. To accomplish this, we need to reach out to the individual or website directly and ask them to remove the content. If the situation escalates, the best way to remove the content is to ensure that the person responsible turns the information over to you so that they cannot publish it again.

2. Court Orders

In some cases, the author may be unwilling or unable to remove the content, as:

  • It was anonymously posted
  • The website or forum requires a court order for removal
  • They cannot be directly contacted

In such cases, you can get a court order to remove content. Court orders are widely recognized, effective, and legitimate channels for content removal. Many websites and social media networks instantly obey a court order.

3. Cease-and-Desist

For another legal route, a cease-and-desist letter is a demand that the author remove harmful content and does not repeat the offense, or a lawsuit will follow. If you are aware of the author’s identity, then a cease or desist letter is cheaper than a court order. Get it signed by an information defamation attorney for the best results.

4. Making Editorial Requests

We generally/usually recommend an editorial request be the first approach. Here, a polite request is made to the author to remove a piece of content. This approach works best with online media, news outlets, and blogs, when the content is factually incorrect and not defamatory. It is also used when certain anonymous content contains identifying factors.

Removal is an Easy Task

Content removal can be done quickly, smoothly, and easily through the right channels, depending on the nature of the material and forum. If you want to block a harmful piece of content and do not know how, the Bumblebee Branding Company in Chennai, India, will assist you with our reputation management services.

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