Perform Your Brand Audit in 6 Steps!

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Are you ready to conduct a brand audit of your company or start-up? Begin your brand audit today in just six steps to identify your strengths, weaknesses, resources, and roadblocks to overcome to grow. Read this blog post to get an idea of how you can get your brand audit done!

1.     Determine the purpose

The first step when conducting your brand audit is brainstorm why you are doing it and what needs to be audited. Maybe it is only your website, or social media – or maybe it is everything. Here are some questions you can ask when you brainstorm with your team:

  • What do users find when they search your brand on search engines?
  • Is your website easy to navigate?
  • Are your emails being opened and clicked?
  • Are your customers recommending you?
  • Is your logo visually representing you correctly?

2.     Identify your current standing

Now that you have a purpose, you need to set some goals for your brand. These goals can be wide and far-reaching, or specific. Pinpoint what you would like based on your current brand standing. In this stage, before you can set your goal, you have to realize what is working and not working overall. You can do that by taking a SWOT analysis before you start setting goals.

3. Determine a checklist for each audited component

This is the stage where you put together a plan for your brand. Create a checklist to follow with your team. Add different levels to it based on each component you are going to audit. For example, if you are going to audit your website and social media, then prepare different checklists and parameters for both of them. For the website, you can audit the following:

  • Website traffic
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Page views

For social media, audit the following:

  • Comments, likes, and shares
  • Engagement rate
  • CTR
  • Hashtag Tracking

4.    Collect, organize, and review data   

Here, you collect data for the brand audit in each component. Formulate your own questions, and write down extensive notes and data. Create a survey to ask your customers and prospects what they think of you. Answer all questions and audit based on all parameters you had already decided.

5. Analyse results and ideate solutions

Now that you have collected and organized data, it is time to analyze the brand audit results so that you can come up with appropriate solutions to fulfil your solutions. If you are doing the brand audit by yourself, you might need some help with the ideating. In your ideation session, remember that you need solutions for each of these components:

  • Internal branding
  • External branding
  • Customer journey

6. Take action and begin monitoring

With your list of ideas and solutions in hand, consider which ones are the easiest and fastest to implement. For example, if you notice a minor problem such as an image inconsistency across your website, you can allot half a day to fix it. Go in the order of fixing problems, from smallest to biggest.

The Next Steps

For more information on brand audits and how they will be helpful to your business, you can contact the Bumblebee Branding Company to get started.

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