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Billboards, videos, blogs, magazines, television advertisements – these and numerous other advertising options are available to you. Sometimes, it can be difficult to decide which of these options to choose. However, whichever option you choose, the key to success is consistency. Often, business owners try one idea for a few months, then switch over to the next one if the idea is not working. These “musical chairs” of marketing only yield limited results, but consistency results in stable gains. Instead of focusing on seasonal marketing, try out a marketing plan for the whole year. Check out our 52-week marketing plan for a start.

What is our 52-week marketing plan?

The Bumblebee Branding Company’s 52-week digital marketing plan is designed to generate awareness, sales, and leads for your business. The best marketing plan often begins with a diagnosis of what problems your company is facing, then preparing a customized solution, which both solves the problem and takes your business to the next level.

The 52-week marketing plan explores a wide range of marketing collaterals and services, designed to give you a taste of the most successful initiatives in marketing, conducted through our research. If we discover that one of the strategies is more successful in bringing you the most leads, we will will put our time and effort there to continue the streak of success.

What is included?

Our 52-week plan spreads out over 11 stages, as follows:

  • Brand positioning – Researching, discovering, and creating your brand’s identity
  • Crafting content – Master Content, Creatives, and other adaptations
  • Design – Finalizing your marketing collaterals, look, and feel
  • Go-To-Market Strategy – Analyzing and taking you to the market
  • Website Building – Developing and building your website and landing pages for campaigns
  • Video – Representing your brand in various videos for publicity
  • SEO – Using all our collaterals to position you high in search engines through various tools and strategies
  • Ads and Campaigns – Both long and short digital and physical advertisements
  • Social Media – Getting your name out there on social media
  • Analysis of Public Response – We understand the public’s pulse, and adjust our work based on what is working
  • Public Relations – The endgame of branding to put you in the widest circles

How it benefits your organization

A consistent yearly marketing plan allows you to plan your activities for a whole year without worrying about it, and you also see the following results:

  • Determine which activities are bringing you the most results
  • Never lose opportunities for marketing your organization


Marketing efforts in an organization need to be consistent rather than sporadic. The Bumblebee Branding Company’s 52-week engagement plan is a strategy designed to continuously engage your marketing efforts in one way or another, every week of the year, in 11 different stages.

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