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Now that there are around three billion users of social media worldwide, a social media manager’s job can seem overwhelming. However, there are also more tools than ever today to make social media anyone’s game when it comes to success and memorability! We’ve got you covered – read our guide to some of these FREE tools to get started!

1.     NapoleonCat to manage your social media engagement and provide social customer service

NapoleonCat has a Social Inbox that helps brands manage social media engagement and provide excellent social customer service across all major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google My Business. Your social media manager can work hassle-free and automatic filter out the most recurring questions to protect your social media accounts from harmful content (such as abusive content and spammy links). With NapoleonCat, streamline your online communications.

2.     SocialOomph for post scheduling and analytics

SocialOomph offers a wide range of features for multiple social media platforms. You start with typical features such as scheduling and analytics, and some interesting ones such as automatically removing outdated Twitter direct messages from users’ inboxes. This tool can manage your social media across multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For Twitter, you can automate direct messages to new followers to welcome and build connections with them.

3.     Friends+Me to boost your content promotion across multiple channels

While Friends+Me’s main focus is Google+, you can achieve goals by promoting your content across all social media networks. Friends + Me allows you to stay focused on the creation of good brand content to share, which is the best way to increase your brand visibility. It has plans available for businesses of all sizes.

4.     TweetDeck to handle your Twitter accounts

If you want to focus exclusively on Twitter, try out TweetDeck. Link your Twitter account to and view customizable streams of information, including tweets, notifications, messages, and tags. It’s neat simple, and handy when you need to handle more than one Twitter account. As an added functionality, it allows you to identify which times you need to approach your audience.

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