Is keeping content simple all that simple?

The Secret of Keeping Content Simple

It’s time to streamline!

Capturing readers’ attention with really good website content can be very difficult. Especially when you have a lot of information, and you want to share everything.

Most visitors will spend a few seconds on the page before moving on. So, a good website with succinct content is key to keeping visitors engaged and keeping them on the page.

Well-written content is key for this.

These days, we have increased our messaging, thinking that the more information we provide, the better the chance of holding on to customers.

But, we are wrong.

With the attention span these days, simple and short sentences are the way to go.

Well-written content does not mean an overflow of information but providing the correct information that will make visits convert to sales.

KISS – Keep It Straight and Simple

There are benefits to keeping content simple.

  • People have flowery and fluffy language – Writers often resort to ‘flowery’ language thinking that it is better and easy to fill the page with positive-sounding substance but that is not true. Writers should follow the less-is-more approach.
  • People trust simplicity and have a bias toward it – People like simple language. Credibility is conveyed through simple messaging. A lot of studies have shown that people perceive the accuracy and strength of information depending on how simple the language is.
  • People have short-term memory – People process a lot of information from you and your competitors. And due to their decreasing attention span, it becomes difficult to retain the information. So, it is better to write short content that will give the key messages, especially about how your people will be benefited from the product or service.

Create Content That Hits the Mark

  • Headlines should be simple – Keep the heading short with a maximum of 6-7 words. A short, concise, string heading is vital to get your readers to check out your content piece. Be as clear as possible in your headline and stay away from clickbait headlines.
  • Write in easy-to-understand language – In the fast-paced world we are in today, people prefer simple language that conveys the message immediately. Flowery language rife with puns, cliches, and hard-to-understand words is something of the past. Today, simplicity is the key.
  • Write simple, subheads that sell – Subheadings are ‘mini headings’ to keep readers hooked and keep them moving through the content piece. The subheadings need to be intriguing and informative at the same time. It should connect with the heading and all of them should have similar lengths to make them more visually appealing as a whole.
  • Too Much Creativity Can Be Confusing – Creativity is great but too much of it can be confusing and make the reader lose interest. Supposedly ‘creative’ language may tend to digress the content piece from the information and confuse the readers more.
  • Sentences should not have more than 35 words – This sentence length is recommended to avoid monotony. Short and succinct sentences ensure that the readers don’t get lost, the message conveyed is clear, and the readers are hooked till the end of the content piece.

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