How to define clear brand values for your company


A brand is a lot more than the products and services you sell. Your brand is what you stand for. One thing that must always remain the same even if your portfolio changes – Brand Values! It’s your brand values that help retain your customers long-term and drive engagement. Read our guide to coming up with brand values that make an impact.

1.     Understand negative experiences your customers have had with you

As a first step, create a list of negative experiences your customers have had with your brand. For example, deliverables being late. If you don’t have a list of negative experiences for your brand in particular, try listing down what negative experiences customers have had with your competitors instead.

2.     Understand the negative feelings associated with it

Next, map these negative experiences to the feelings that the customer may have had at the time of the experience. For example, delayed deliverables could have resulted in them feeling frustrated, cheated, or angry. There can be multiple feelings associated with each experience, at least a minimum of two.

3.     Understand the positive experiences people have had with you

On a more positive note, the third step involves you writing down all the positive experiences that customers have had with your brand or with the brands of your competitors. For example, prompt deliveries or high project quality.

4.     Understand the positive feelings associated with each experience

Map each of these positive experiences to the feelings that the customers had at the time of the experience. For example, prompt deliveries and high-quality projects could result in the customer feeling happy, excited to proceed with work, and proud of the results. There can be multiple feelings, but make sure you capture them all.

5.     Turn your negatives into further positives

As the last exercise, flip each of the negative experiences by telling yourself what you can do to give the audience a positive experience instead. For example, if you have written “unsatisfying quality” as a negative experience, write down that you will ensure that you give them 100% satisfying quality. These negatives-into-positives will become your pillars and ultimately your values.

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