How to choose the most efficient web hosting server


Having a good web hosting provider is important to secure a high-performing website that ranks well in search results. Here are four tips from us to choosing a server that drives uptime, security, speed, and performance of your site.

1. Look for built-in security servers

Building the website, publishing the content, and driving traffic to your site was hard work. You should not have to lose all your work due to a hack or a site attack.

Many web hosts understand the need to provide hosting plans with built-in security measures such as:

  • DDOS protection or firewall systems to prevent server and site crashes
  • Offsite backup solutions and site restorations in the case of a crash or security breach
  • Experts on hand to help 24/7 with a security issue

2. Research server scaling for a growing business

If you want your website to grow in the form of loyal customers and repeat sales, then choose a hosting server with the ability to scale up.

When looking for a hosting provider, check whether they have a variety of plans. For example, check that they have plans for someone just starting out, those beginning to see traffic, and those with well-established and growing websites.

In addition, look for:

  • Site storage limits
  • Site visitor limits
  • Site media bandwidth

3. Check for customer support

Even if your team has an experienced web developer on hand, there may be times when you run into issues on a site that you cannot resolve.

Accordingly, choose a web hosting provider which provides 24/7 customer support via phone, chat, or a ticket system.

Also check for a site that will give you automatic notices when your website is down, and that has a knowledge base of tutorials for you to troubleshoot yourself.

4. Find out how many domain names to register

Not all web hosting servers will allow you to register your domain name with them. If you have chosen one that does not allow this service, then you will have to buy and register it with another service.

If your hosting provider has domain name registrations as part of their hosting plans, this makes your job easier.

Knowing and choosing

Knowing how to decide the right web hosting company is an easy task, as long as you know what to prioritize and look for. The Bumblebee Branding Company in Chennai, India, can host your website on our server, with plenty of features available. Try us out!

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