How Buyer Personas Can Transform Your Business


Did you know that 90% of business sales come from only 3-4 target groups? Accordingly, creating buyer personas right from the beginning to tailor your advertising accordingly is useful if you want customer satisfaction incorporated into your marketing strategies. Here are three ways in which they can help transform any business:

1. Discover your customers’ challenges and needs

When you do research into your customers, you will discover their age demographics, hobbies, and professions, and will also be able to learn about the problems they are facing. Once you have this information, with the help of customer journey mapping consultants, you can decide how you will solve those problems.

Some questions you can ask to create personas are:

  • Your buyers’ demographics
  • Your buyers’ attitudes, beliefs, opinions, and influences
  • Why and when they have bought your product before

2. Convert prospects

By creating buyer personas, you will be able to focus on your buyer’s needs, hopes, fears, and dreams. Learning this information can prove to be a goldmine, especially in deciding which strategy you want to use to convince the prospects. Some respond best to having their fears soothed, and some to having their dreams fulfilled. You can work on this as part of your market positioning strategy.

Sort your buyer personas by priority – or which ones you will target first. Prepare conversion strategies for the important personas, and use your resources on the other personas later.
3. Tailor activities to your target audience

Aside from your strategies, make sure all your advertising and sales offers are unique to your target audiences. You can tailor each strategy, messaging, campaign, and content per each target group, thus driving more sales from them all. Personalization is an important force when it comes to people’s purchase decisions. Your marketing or advertising copy specifically should address each persona’s needs and preferences.

Also identify negative buyers, or buyers who waste your time with no intention of buying, and make sure to avoid using your resources in their direction.

Use Buyer Personas for Sales

Once you determine your buyer personas, use their details to create marketing and sales strategies that fulfill their needs. If you want to update, create, or refresh your buyer personas for greater results, the Bumblebee Branding Company in Chennai, India, can help you as your customer journey mapping consultant.

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