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A brand is a lot more than the products and services you sell. Your brand is what you stand for. One thing that must always remainWhen you go out to the market and communicate with anyone, it is very important to keep a consistent tone and tell people what you mean to convey. To do this, you need to finalize your brand voice and message. Read our guide to three ways you can get this done now.the same even if your portfolio changes – Brand Values! It’s your brand values that help retain your customers long-term and drive engagement. Read our guide to coming up with brand values that make an impact.

1.     Describe your brand voice

You can decide your brand voice based on four parameters – humour, formality, respect, and enthusiasm. Where do you fall on each scale? Do you lean more towards serious on the humour scale, or more on the funny side? Based on that, you can write down three words that are closest to your brand voice, in the form of the following sentence “We are _______, but we are not ________”. Fill in the blanks by describing your tone of voice, and what you are not. Write three or four of your brand voice statements in this format and put them up in your office – that way you will make them unforgettable.

2. Analyze what you want to convey

When it comes to your brand message, it boils down to one thing – what do you want to tell your audience? A brand message is an underlying motif or moral which runs throughout each piece of brand communication you put out, emphasizing the brand’s ideas or USP. It has to be influenced by your brand values or stance. For example, if you run an organic beauty company, your message could be that you support earth-friendliness. Your brand message also has to go along with your brand voice – you cannot have a serious message for a brand that communicates with humour.

3.    Tally your message with the positioning

Finally, you need to see if your message goes with what you want to achieve in your chosen market or industry. Brand positioning is the act of designing your brand offer and image to occupy a distinctive place in the minds of your customers. For example, if you want your beauty brand wants to be thought of as the premier supplier of organic beauty products, then your brand message cannot revolve around animal cruelty or anything that goes against that positioning.

Communicate Consistently

Your brand voice and message can be temporary, but they can never be misplaced. To nail down your brand voice and message, contact the Bumblebee Branding Company in Chennai, India, and participate in one of our brand discovery workshops.

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