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Want to establish an online presence?

Very few
to your

Looking to revamp?
your website?

Your sales are low and
looking for a powerful

Want people
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your brand?



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Bees will
do for you

  • Landing Page development
  • Campaigns
  • Sales enablement
  • Tried and tested sales funnels
  • Chatbot integration
  • Sales optimization of landing pages
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Pre-sales process

How you
will benefit

  • Identify your target audience and target
    all your sales efforts towards them

  • Be able to pitch your brand effortlessly to
    prospective customers, partners, and vendors

  • Understand and perfect what your customers
    are experiencing and expecting

Who is this
service for?

  • Brands eager to optimize their sales and marketing
    funnels to generate leads and complete their sales

  • Brands who prioritize longterm success over
    shortterm gains

  • Brands who want to attract and engage warm leads
    and take them through to sales and after sales

Unlock the
Power of
Digital and
Success with

  • Your expert team of designers, developers, and marketers
  • An extension of your team, always going the extra mile
  • Specialists in elevating brands growth through digital marketing
  • Award winning team at your service
  • When we set a deadline, we meet it
  • Thinking out of the box is a norm at the hive
  • We aim for 100% customer satisfaction

Slow loading speed
Non Responsive website
Unattractive banner and dull copy
The content is too heavy/ misleading/uninteresting
Unclear about our product features & benefits
Outdated Architecture
Outdated Design
Disruptive audio/ videos

Did you know?


To combat this,
we will create a
website that is

  • Well designed and functional
  • SEO-friendly
  • Streamlined
  • User-friendly
  • Optimized for different devices
  • Constantly updated with fresh and quality content
  • Optimized with clear and prominent CTAs
  • Optimized for Search and the Social Web

Here’s how we will put your brand on the map

Google Ads

See your business grow through our strategy-based Google ads that are specifically-designed to increase your ROI.

Social Media Marketing

The social media ads will help increase your brand’s engagement, customer reach and subsequently, sales.

Lead Generation Strategies

With proven strategies, our experts will help you see a significant increase in conversion and growth rates.

Social Media Management

We will help you create a strong community and maximize your social media visibility and engagement.

Graphic Design

With the power of torytelling, we will produce visually striking high impact designs that are sure to enhance your brand image and attract more traffic.

Content Marketing

We create and distribute high quality and engaging content that will help you drive traffic and establish a robust brand.

Our 13-step process
to build a website

Step 01   Information gathering of essential details from client

Step 02   Finalizing the purpose and requirements (features, number of pages, type) of the website

Step 03   Website strategy and mini-discovery (buyer personas, customer journey)

Step 04   Building of sitemap and wireframe to get website outline and sections

Step 05   Creation of base content to nail the flow and tone of the website/proofreading of existing content

Step 06   Generate approval of base content, sitemap and wireframe on

Step 07   Build User Interface (UI) mock-up to show website design

Step 08   Develop website using WordPress and Elementor after design approval

Step 09   Present draft one of staging site and accommodate corrections

Step 10   Present draft two of website and get approval before optimization

Step 11   Image, Speed, SEO, and content optimization

Step 12   A round of website back-up and testing from both developer and client

Step 13   Speed test and optimization report before website handover to client

Here’s what
we will not do

  • Skip any step in our website building process
  • Not accommodate any changes beyond two rounds of approval
  • Not progress to any stage without client approval on deliverables
  • When we build a desktop site, the tablet, and mobile optimization will be done by the system
  • Changing it is not recommended because it involves manual intervention everytime

The Bumblebee Edge

There are a lot of reasons why should should go with Bumblebee for
your website services. While we can list all of them, here are some
reasons why customers keep coming back to us.

We don’t fix
what is not broken.

We just elevate your brand and make is easily discoverable
and give it a strong online presence!

  • Everything we do is process-driven.
  • We don’t just design and build a website but we develop them strategically.
  • We understand the user's requirements and build the flow accordingly
  • We take responsibility for designing, developing, and maintaining your entire site.
  • To go to great lengths to ensure optimum UI and UX.
  • Every website we design has prominent and attractive CTAs
  • The entire website can be effortlessly adapted to print media
  • Integration and API ready website

your website is what sells

No matter how you decide to market your goods in the future, all of the ads will point visitors to your website. And while a strong advertisement with the proper target market can attract a lot of viewers, only a compelling web experience will persuade them to make a purchase.

Potential clients will quickly click the “back” button on your page if they encounter bad pictures, poor functionality, a clumsy cart, or what appears to be a "scammy" payment process.

Harness the power of technology
to drive unimaginable growth

Take your website game to the
next level with these plugins

We design to win.
So we add these plugins to your website.

Page builder

WP Rocket for

Delivery network

Scalable hosting solutions
for your websites

Page builder

Google/Zoho Emails

plays a big part
in our processes

We integrate chatbots in your website to better the customer experience and engagement.

We have extended the chatbots to WhatsApp as well for seamless and uninterrupted communication.

We know you are a market leader.
It’s time you show it to the world
with a brilliant website.

You can
achieve that with
The Bumblebee
Branding Company.

App Wrap

We will convert your website into an application with just an URL adhering to
the platform requirements of Google and IOS. We will also help you launch
your website application.

Convert your website into an App
and list it on Playstore and IOS.

We will convert your website into an application with just an URL adhering to
the platform requirements of Google and IOS. We will also help you launch
your website application.

Take your loyal storefront customer online with you.

We helped Butterfly, kings of kitchen retailers, sell their spare parts to the public online for the first time due to the pandemic. They were previously selling their spare parts exclusively on Amazon and through distributors. They wanted a solution to capture and retain their loyal physical customer base in the online space.

We set up an e-commerce site for them based on their buyer personas and customer journeys.We did a survey with a focus group and understood people's majority need was the presence of buying guides to tell people which models to buy for each situation.

Work done:

Setup a landing page for school admissions

Prepared carefully targeted Google, Facebook,
Instagram, and YouTube advertisements

Targeted audiences based on factors such as the phone they used, and their purchase patterns, focusing on students in Tiruchy and Thanjavur (between ages of 5 and 15) Instagram, and YouTube advertisements

Work done:

400 leads in 45 days through Facebook & Google ads

41 student admissions for the educational year

ROI of 20-40 lakhs based on admission costs,ten times the initial spend

our other clients

Website Maintenance Packages

Standard Hosting


100,000 Monthly Visits.

1 GB Fast SSD Storage

Nightly Backups

14-Day Backup Retention

Automated WordPress Updates

WordPress Expert Support

Free Website Migration

Powered by Google Cloud

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Self-Healing Technologies



Server-Level Caching

Database Optimization

DDoS Mitigation

Premium Hosting


250,000 Monthly Visits.

10 GB Fast SSD Storage

Nightly/Hourly Backups

30-Day Backup Retention

Manual WordPress Updates

Custom Testing Plan

Testing Staging Server

Priority Expert Support

100% DNS Uptime Guarantee

99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee

Free Website Migration

Premium Google Cloud Tier

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Self-Healing Technologies



Server-Level Caching

Database Optimization

Regular DDoS Mitigation

Additional Services

Chat with us!

Expert WordPress Consultation

Website Speed Optimization

Additional Storage

Additional Visits

Backups (Every 6 Hours)

Backups (Hourly)

Additional Offsite Backups

Traffic Spike Scalability

E-Commerce Security Monitoring

E-Commerce Security Certification

Malware Re

Ad-hoc Services

Web hosting, Email hosting, Heatmaps
Backup and Security

Essential WordPress plugins

High speed VPS Hosting space up to
Rs. 1 Lakh Visits*

Upto 10 Emails and 2 GB space per user

Zoho CRM

Gallabox for WhatsApp automation

WP Rocket for page optimization

Zepto for automated emails

Other automations

Tele CMI for call management

Brand mentions - Sentiment & Mentions Analysis

Dedicated higher AWS server

Hosting Space Bandwidth Consumption
Charges: Rs 3750 per 30,000 visits
over 1 Lakhs visits to the website

*For the services not included in the package, the client can add these services to their package at an additional cost as per their requirement.

What is not included in the packages

  • Unless purchased in the Build a Brand bundle, the website development services do not cover Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Brand Strategy, Brand Discovery (detailed), Master Content, Master Concept Development.

  • Unless purchased in the Web Maintenance package,recurring services such as web hosting and maintenance will not be included in the package

  • Additonal plugins and functionalities for your website are not included in this package, you can pay separately or take a web maintenance package.

Sneak peek:

What it's like working with the Bees

Project management Through the latest technology, we will create campaigns that will help you reach your goals.

Dedicated project manager We will assign a project manager who will keep an eye on your project and ensure that everything is done on time and is within the budget.

Project deliverable list We will provide a list of deliverables and the tasks to complete them and ensure both parties are on the same page.

Project monitoring We practice 100% transparency. You will always know which stage your project is at through regular updates. We will provide information on how much work is done, how much money has been used for the campaign, and how much is left.

Resources We will provide the list of resources who will be part of your team.

Here’s what the bees don’t do

  • We avoid working on a project before ensuring that both sides have completely understood the project, scope, deliverables, and investment.

  • We don't encourage any communication over WhatsApp we keep all communication on emails or Telegram.

  • We won’t communicate to anyone from the client side except the SPOC.

  • On failure of payment, BBC may pause the services temporarily until the payment has been made or further communication is being made for the extension of the due date.

  • Proprietary work won’t be shared with the clients.

  • We don’t provide source files.

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