Best Practices for Writing Sales Process Maps


Technology has changed the way we buy, but many companies still use outdated sales processes. If you want to stay relevant in today’s competitive marketplace and avoid losing your market share – it is time for a change. Sales process analysis is an important first step: consider these four best practices when modernizing your selling strategy.

1. Analyze your products and competitors knowledge

Even the most successful sales teams can find themselves at a loss for words when it comes to closing new and potential customers. That is why making sure that you know your product inside out, as well as what your competitors are selling is crucial before trying to do anything else in this profession. Start by examining your customer journey mapping with competitor analysis, then skim through your organization’s knowledge base on how previous employees addressed pain points or generated repeat business – just think of all those great tips they have.

2. Appeal to the right customers

Know your customer. That is what you need to do if you want them to come back for more! Sit down with focus groups and see how they feel about the product, does it satisfy their needs or does it appeal only at a surface-level? Customer insights analysis can help us understand our demographic better so that a sale doesn’t just happen once but over and over again and again. Here are some of the ways you can identify the right customers:

  • CRM database
  • Social media
  • Industry events
  • Online searches

3. Assess your audience needs
It is good to see if your product has met all the needs of your audience at different stages. As a business owner you would want to make sure that it your sales process is perfect before moving on in order for people to enjoy and buy from your company.

An important exercise to assess audience needs is listed below:

  • Make contact with prospects
  • Probe their situation to see what they need
  • Indulge in active note-taking and following-up
  • Create tailored solutions to sell to them

4. Practice your sales pitch

A good sales pitch gets you success if you are able to ensure it impresses at least five diverse audiences. Practice the delivery as much as you can, and see if it covers all your content points including the pain points of the audience.

Your pitch can include – points to handle customer objections, sections for closing, negotiation, bargaining, and a sentence which implies you are available for follow-up and repeat businesses.

Perfect your sales process now!

Adapt to changing customer behavior and market realities with next-generation sales process thinking and technologies. If you want to know more about sales process analysis, contact the Bumblebee Branding Company in Chennai, India, for its unique approach to building sales process maps.

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