A Brand Guidebook: Your Team’s Best Friend

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A brand guide takes the heart and soul of your brand – the mission, vision, and values – and transforms it into design elements to show the world. It also tells everyone (audiences, current and future employees, and stakeholders) how your brand presents itself to the world and allows you to maintain consistency in the look, feel, and sound of your brand. So what elements would be useful in your brand style guide? This post starts you off on your very own guide by listing four.

1. Typography

A big part of your brand feel is font selection. Your brand requirements dictate whether you can meet your needs in one typeface family or if you should have multiple fonts for different avenues (website, brochure, copy). We recommend that your brand have at least two fonts (one for the logo and one for other collaterals). Your brand guide should explain the reasoning behind the choice of the font, how it should be aligned, and how much spacing it should include.

2. Brand colours

Choosing a brand palette will help you create a consistent look and feel. Your guidebook should list your choice of primary colours, and all the secondary colours. In the guide, provide swatches of your brand colours for future designers to use, and the information they may need to produce those colours. Accompany it with the following details:

  • Colour match – PANTONE name and number
  • Print Color – CYMK
  • Digital Color – RGB and HEX codes

3. Logo and Adaptations

Most brands decide what their logo is going to be – but do not test it in different environments. The brand guide should ensure that your logo is used as intended and is not misused in any way. Write down clear guidelines to prevent stretching, altering or condensing the logo. Include all approved versions of your logo, and describe where to use each one. Also list:

  • Size
  • Spacing (such as white space around the logo)
  • Colour variations (black, white, inverse)
  • What not to do

4. Brand voice and personality

Your writing style and voice strongly affects how your audience feels about you, and shows your personality to the world. The guidebook should showcase what messaging works for you (include an example), a few adjectives that describe you and the language you need. Write down words that you like and the imagery to go with them.

The best guide

Getting your brand basics together in one document helps you express the essence of what your brand is to your team, newcomers, and clients all at once. The Bumblebee Branding Company in Chennai, India can create a Brand Guidebook with our design services.

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