5 ways to drive traffic to your blog by Leveraging Pinterest

ways to drive traffic

It’s safe to say Pinterest isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Have you always shied away from Pinterest marketing because you thought it is targeted toward a niche audience, gives limited insights into audiences’ interests, and does not provide any real business value?

Many stay away from Pinterest saying that it is too effeminate with content on home décor or recipes. That’s where they are wrong. Many bands, especially the ‘masculine’ ones too leverage Pinterest for traffic.

It is easy to brush Pinterest away citing that it is not for you. But actually, it is key in your marketing strategy.

This is because Pinterest is the top source of information and traffic for the majority of bloggers.

So you are asking how to drive traffic to your blogs through Interest?

You have come to the right place.

Why is Pinterest so Great?

First, you need to know why Pinterest is so great for driving traffic to your website, especially for bloggers and small business owners.

  • Pinterest acts more like a search engine than social media The content will still be available in the newsfeed days and sometimes even years after publishing, unlike other social media platforms.
  • Easier to rank on Pinterest Since the algorithm on Pinterest isn’t as advanced as it is on Google, so it is easier to rank, using the popular keywords.
  • Increase Affiliate Income If you are an affiliate marketer, pinning posts on Pinterest will help increase engagement and earn more commission.
  • Boost Sales Research says that high-income earners are the majority of users so if your business deals with selling products, Pinterest is the way to go.
  • Get More Email SubscribersYou can build an email list quickly by linking the pin to an email option landing page.

Tips to Drive 3x Traffic to Your Website and Blogs

  • Pay attention to your copy of your pin Every pin has a small description telling the reader what your post is about. You can use your creativity to aptly describe the pin and maximize your pin’s potential. To do this, you can provide a spot-on but detailed description of your pin. Make it interesting with emojis and hashtags, never forget to use a CTA at the end.
  • Pin the post at the right time Like any social media post, timing is the essence here. You would want to post your pin when your target audience is online. According to some research, the best time to pin is during the weekends, especially Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. The worst time to post is during normal working hours.
  • Create pin-worthy images Among hundreds or even thousands of posts every hour, you would want your pin to stand out. You can ensure that happens by
    • Ensuring it is the right size
    • The image is eye-catching
    • There is a copy and preferably a CTA in the image
  • Increase your Engagement with the Social Snap plugin If you are running a website or an ad campaign, you know how important plugins are. The Social Snap plugin will help you increase the reach and traffic as well.
  • Do Pinterest keyword research Just like using Google Keywords, do a keyword search for Pinterest as well to know which words gain maximum traction. There are a few ways to find the best keywords in your niche. They are
    • Type any term relevant to your niche and Pinterest will suggest other commonly searched terms related to the word.
    • Explore Pinterest and see how others have positioned pins in your niche
    • You will get to know the keywords when creating ads on Pinterest

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