5 Rules for Making Professional Quality Business Cards


Your business card is the first thing that your prospects will remember once you have left the meeting with them. It is the tool that will get you a call back for your product and services. To make sure your business cards convert and sell, your business card design should be professional and memorable. Here are five rules for getting started on a well-designed, high quality cards:

1. Keep the layout in mind first!

Even if you gave prospects a business card without any content about your products or services, most people would still keep it if the layout is engaging enough.

In some cases, the layout itself would be strong enough to get you that call back. There are several layouts for you to try when it comes to business cards.

  • Authoritative – A minimalist, professional, and authoritative card to get the job done.
  • Conversation-starter – Typically it is informal, fun, and contains an element which is a conversation-starter (a quote, a funny joke)
  • Exhibitionist – To highlight work or skill (usually a creative task)
  • Design – Where the design is the most unique element

2. Add a visual

Business cards have developed a reputation for being strictly “business” with minimal design, but you can break the mould for memorability. 90% of the brain absorbs visuals first, so if you are operating in a competitive industry, factors such as your USP will be remembered easily if they were in visuals. You can include the following aspects of visual identity on your card with branding stationery design:

  • Examples of your work
  • Photos of your premises
  • Your photo
  • Quirky design elements

3. Call to action

While an obvious call to action (CTA) such as “Click this link” might not work for business cards, you can add minimalist ones such as “Find out more at…” or include your social media handles through icons to make sure people connect with you.

The most popular business card CTAs to consider:

  • Social media handles
  • Phone Numbers
  • Website and profile details

4. Consistency in design

When you are designing the business card, make sure to think continuity. Make it similar to the flow of your website or other collateral’s, for two reasons – one, the audience gets a glimpse into your brand with just the business card, and two – this principle avoids confusing them.

For example, if your website has photos of your team, a good way to make your business card design consistent is to add the team member’s photo to their respective card.

Business Cards = A Powerhouse Marketing Tool

If you would like to create a business card that makes you stand out among the crowd, reach out to the Bumblebee Branding Company in Chennai, India, for business card design services.

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