4 ways to successfully audit your website


A good plan to achieve success on search engines is as simple as doing a website audit. Sit and take time for the day just getting to know your site’s tricks inside out, researching what others are up to as well. This will give you an idea of what website goals need accomplishing to be successful.

1. Analyze your website speed

As Google continues to search for the fastest results, this is no surprise that faster websites are always better. To check if your website loads at an acceptable speed, identify areas where problems might occur like images that have not been optimized for web viewing or large videos on your site.

2. Check for SEO problems

Now the website audit moves into the nuts-and-bolts area of SEO; where your website stands on the search engines. The search engine check should be one of the most thorough within the website audit as it not only determines what needs to be done to your website but it also creates a solid grounding for the keyword research stage of SEO.

There are numerous tools that can be used on the search engines to see where your website sits, what keywords people are using to find you and which keywords you should be ranking for but are not.

3.Responsive website design

A great place to start and a part of the online process often missed when reviewing a website in terms of SEO, is website usability. Many believe (wrongly) that usability and success in search engine rankings do not correlate. However usability is considered one of the most important factors on a website and as such search engines make every effort to review a site with regards to usability.

Making sure the layout and structure of your site is both logical and intuitive is a great place to start, as well as this enhancing the experience of using your website can help to improve conversion rates and return visits.

4. Compare your website with that of your competitors

When you are sitting down to complete a website audit, make sure to check out how your competitors’ websites are performing. There are always elements that you can take from theirs.


With such analyses, you can identify problems with download speeds, SEO, evaluate the channels that bring traffic, and learn more about your competitors. Contact the Bumblebee Branding Company for website auditing services in Chennai, India.

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