4 Telltale Signs Your Business Needs a Process


Is your organization bleeding time and resources? Are simple processes such as locating documents beginning to frustrate your team? If you find any of these situations cropping up, then you are not alone. There may already be a dozen signs indicating that it is time for you to set up the right business processes to get the organization sorted. This blog post will serve as a reality check for you to assess if you need better business processes.

Insufficient systems

Every business has its own way of doing things. Over time, you turn these ways into systems and communicate them to team members for them to follow.

However, you might notice inconsistencies in the way these systems are operating – and that is when you need a process. Here are the signs to look for:

  • Each team member is off working alone
  • There are no documented procedures
  • You often hear repeated doubts and questions from your team members

2. Scattered information

Suppose your data is located in different places and you are entering it manually, it means that your workers spend time and money in finding the right information by looking through documents and file cabinets. If you have to ask your colleague or deputy to hand you information without knowing where it is, then you need a process to keep all your information under one roof to make it easy to locate.

3. Rigid technology     

Suppose you are using technology from fifteen years earlier and have not had the time to upgrade – that means you have not caught up with the ever-changing world of business. If your employees have not discovered a faster way to automate their duties, you may need a business process that requires regular technology upgrades.

4. Too many instructions      

If your employees do not know who to report to, or are receiving contrary information from different superiors, then the work done will lack clarity and will not make an impact with its target audience.

In this case, not only do you risk losing time and money, but also disheartening your employees and reducing their morale. You need to set a process to make the chain of command clear and assign people to one project lead, who will tell them what to do.

Process makes progress

The right business process can set the nuts and bolts of your business to work for better organization and success. That is why you need business processes now. We at the Bumblebee Branding Copmany can set them up for you.

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