4 pieces of information that could hurt your online reputation

4 Pieces of information that could hurt your online reputation

While you might know that negative content is damaging to your brand, you can prevent negative content from reaching the eyes of the public with the help of a process known as content suppression, or online reputation management. However, how will you be able to tell which pieces of information might hurt your business’ reputation? Here is our list of four content no-nos that you should prevent from being seen by the public at all costs.

1. Videos and online media that show you in a bad light

While text is fairly incriminating and photos even more so, it is videos that can most affect your business’ reputation. On the internet, 1.8 seconds video is equal to 1 million words. So if there is a video that contains false or negative information about you, then you should take steps to minimize its distribution digitally.

2. Severe customer reviews or complaints from influencers

While negative reviews can be addressed in personal interactions with the customer, you have to watch out for the customer review of an influential person (such as a celebrity) because they have fans who might refuse to try out your business. Make sure that you try to discuss the review with the celebrity privately before they post it, and see how you can make it up to them so that the review’s impact is minimized.

3. A wrongly-written blog or website about you

If someone is taking the trouble to write a blog or a website about you, you have to make sure that all their information is completely accurate and within their rights to say. If the information is false, then you have to make sure it doesn’t get out or the correct information gets out instead. In this case, contact the blog writer to see if they are amenable to editing the content, if not, blocking measures must be initiated with the best reputation management services.

4. News articles spotlighting your past failures

The media can be a powerful tool for you to use, if you weaponize it. However, if you have to face being criticized by it, then make sure that you don’t allow the media to heavily discuss your past failures or mistakes, because it will affect your current standing in the public eye, even if your reputation has improved since then.


Content blocking experts are very important players in ensuring your online reputation. If this blog has given you any clues or guidance on what content you need deleted from the internet, the Bumblebee Branding Company’s online reputation management services can help.

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